Gold’s Gym AbFirm Pro WGGCORE16 Review

Gold’s Gym AbFirm Pro WGGCORE16

Gold's Gym AbFirm Pro

Gold’s Gym AbFirm Pro is a modern ab machine with dual resistance, designed by fitness experts for a more flexible and powerful abdominal/core workout in a great range of motion on its adjustable swiveling seat with very dense foam cushions. There

There are two independent foam covered bars on it. And by using them together or separately, you will be targeting different parts of your core section, obliques, legs, biceps, and triceps, so it offers more like a total body workout than a simple ab workout in one simple machine.

Dual resistance means you will be working your abs not just when you go up but when you go down as well. The cushioned and comfy vinyl seat is adjustable forward and backward to give you a better fit and for your comfort, as it supports your back nicely and with the way, it swivels you can experience more challenge and target different muscles- you can turn to the left and right to get to your obliques.

There are even tension knobs on both sides to adjust the resistance of two bars but please make sure they are equal. AbFirm Pro is designed as a rather versatile unit that can be used in many different ways, as it lets you do forearm presses, push ups, AbFirm Prosit ups, scissor kicks, backward crunches, tricep dips and more.

It is lightweight and has a space saving design- is compact and portable and easy to store as both of the arms are foldable (they fold and lock down) and you can keep it somewhere convenient- in your closet or under your bed easily. In the box, you will get a workout DVD with some basic exercises, a digital exercise chart and a digital meal guide created by certified personal trainers.

It will need minimal assembly- is easy to put together so you can start using it straight away after you take it out of the packaging. Especially your abdominals will get a great workout with the AbFirm Pro as it is very easy to do sit-ups to start with and you can try other exercises too. There is no weight limit for the product so very heavy or large adults can also use it comfortably. Please just make sure the resistance levels are equal on both arms so you don’t experience anything undesirable caused by imbalance. Good value and definitely worth looking into.

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