Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart 8.5 Quart Digital Slow Cooker Review

Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart Slow Cooker via Amazon

Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart 8.5 Quart Digital Slow Cooker

Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart is a large 8.5 quart capacity great quality, stainless steel with cool to touch handles, sleek and modern oval shaped programmable “set and go” type slow cooker with a digital display panel that is easy to read and manage that shows the temperature (low, high and warm) and time settings and includes several programmable modes and ergonomic design buttons. It basically comes with features that will make life easier for anyone with any level of cooking expertise and will make it easier to prepare meals for the whole family- a very reliable home cooking solution. You will be able to view the cooking process through the transparent tempered glass lid and with the cool to touch handles you can easily move the insert from the bench to the table as it is easy to lift and carry. 8.5 quart size pot has the non-stick black ceramic interior and can accommodate quite a bit of ingredients to feed a large family and their guests and can be easily transferred to the table and into the fridge conveniently as it is detachable from the main unit and is safe to be cleaned in dishwasher but is a little large. You don’t have to worry that your meal will be overcooked as when the time is up at the end of cooking it will switch to ‘Keep Warm’ automatically so that it stays nice and warm till you’re ready to eat it.

Gourmia DCP860 SlowSmart 8.5 Qt Digital Slow Cooker

As a solid heavy duty slow cooker with a big and heavy black bowl Gourmia DCP860 is nice to look at and will look good on your kitchen counter and dinner table, weighs just over 16 pounds and measures 11.5 x 16 x 11 inches. This is a great, simple and well made slow cooker for the money- does the job well and has a user friendly LCD panel but the metal exterior can get quite hot on the outside so do be careful when you touch it or if you have small children nearby and the cord is a little short but not too short and you need to place the unit near a power outlet. The lid shuts and fits just fine but a couple of customers commented that it could be sealed better. Of the three heat settings of high, low and keep warm, high is good for stuff with harder to cook veggies, grains and meats to make stews and soups, low setting creates gentle and even heat and the end result is tastier meals with rich and deep flavours and keep warm is good for keeping it warm and fresh without cooking till you’re ready to serve your meal. The standard low setting is basically cooking the meal at a specific low temperature that is more or less equal to the serving temperature and this unit is quite safe to use day and night as it will stop at the end of the set time and if you choose the high setting it will cook in half the time of low setting. To give you an idea on the temperatures for three settings, warm is 145F and unit reaches that max temp in 6.5 hours, low is 208F and in 8.5 hours and high is 212F and time required is 5 hours to reach this temperature. 4.4 / 5 stars out of 41 customer reviews and ratings as of today indicates happy customers of a decent product. It is offered with a 12 month warranty for parts and labor by Gourmia.

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