Gourmia GCP800 Smart Pot Electric Digital Multifunction Pressure Cooker, GCP400 and GCP600 Review

Gourmia GCP800 Smart Pot Pressure Cooker via Amazon

Gourmia GCP800 Pressure Cooker

Gourmia GCP800 Smart Pot is a modern recent release 1200 watt power, 8 quart capacity stainless steel multipurpose electric pressure cooker- “one pot wonder“ with digital multiple functions, 13 programmable cooking modes and is offered in two smaller sizes of 4 quart capacity GCP400 and the 6 quart capacity GCP600 models. It is made of good quality solid components like other Gourmia products, weighs 11.4 lbs and measures 12 x 11.4 x 13 inches, has a stainless steel exterior and a non-stick liner. Despite its low price it easily competes with more expensive pressure cookers as it is quite functional- does the job, flexible with 13 modes that you will see on the front panel (preset time, soup, meat, poultry, steam, saute, slow cook, dessert, beans, porridge, rice, warm/cancel and pressure cook time) has the keep warm option, is easy to use, clean and maintain. It also has good safety features like automatic pressure control and auto locking lid and you can press the cancel button at any time when something doesn’t feel right and start over.

You can make different types of meals quickly and easily, you can cook chicken and beef much quicker than normal (juicy and tender roast), make soups, beans, rice and desserts. You have a few options including saute, steam and slow cook which means you can also choose how you want to cook your meals with a single touch of a button and you will be getting good results consistently at up to 70% reduced time. You will not only be cooking much faster but the meals will turn out to be delicious as all the nutrients and beautiful flavours will be kept in the pot. It allows you to pre-program meals as it comes with an automatic timer and 24 hour delay timer that you can set through the LCD control panel so your meals will be ready when you want them and in case of power outage Gourmia Smart Pot will continue with its duty when the power is back as it includes the resume power function. And when the cooking task is completed the unit will keep your meal warm with the keep warm option that you can select. The lid locks automatically and has an integrated special design so you won’t need to leave the hot lid on your counter. It is very simple to use as all you do is put enough water and ingredients in, put the lid on, close and set the release knob to airtight.

Gourmia GCP800 Smart Pot Electric Digital Multifunction Pressure CookerIt is not designed for canning and is not able to make yoghurt (you need to have a  look at the 6 quart GPC600 model for that as it has both the yoghurt and multigrain options and the design of control panel is slightly different) as specified by the manufacturer but you can easily cook everything from frozen, just that it will take a little longer to heat up than normal. Many of you that have never used a pressure cooker before will enjoy all the preset buttons so you will get things done with just a single touch of a button or you can simply use the plus and minus buttons to set the time you want yourself. Cooker starts, reaches the pressure point, time counts down and beeps when cooking is completed and then you can either leave the knob at airtight or change it to exhaust depending on what you’re making as the manual will give you all the info you need, unlike many other units on the market the manual is quite decent and there is more stuff on the internet. It is also very easy to clean with the pot coming out conveniently when you’re done cooking and it doesn’t get very hot on the outside and of course remember to wash it prior to your first use. Apart from the main unit and user manual, you will find the steam rack, a spoon and a measuring cup. Don’t be misled by its low price, Gourmia is a very good brand and this is a very solidly built, high quality, functional, easy to use and clean product.

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