Gourmia GFS900 Professional Electric Power Food and Meat Slicer Review

Gourmia GFS900 Food and Meat Slicer via Amazon

Gourmia GFS900 Professional Electric Power Food and Meat Slicer

Gourmia GFS900 is a professional grade, high performance and budget priced meat and food slicer with a powerful yet quiet 180 watt motor, a prime coated steel and die cast aluminium construction, that can slice a variety of items- firm cheeses, ham, bread, different meats and roasts, fruits and veggies easily with its 9 inch serrated stainless steel super cutting blade and at different thicknesses with the integrated pro style thickness control knob adjustment at the back (for slices between 0.75 inch for thick cuts all the way down to deli-thin) on the left and you’ll also see the on and off button on the left. It has a blade guard, a quick release food carriage bar and an anti-slip suction feet- four of them underneath the unit and they will be tightly gripping the flat surface and it won’t present a security hazard by slipping when the unit is on and you don’t have to have someone else holding it for you like you may with some other models. The food carriage slides very easily to offer you more consistent slices, for example if you make your own bread at home, you can slice it evenly and easily with this unit.

Gourmia GFS900 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

Gourmia GFS900 has a sleek and modern appearance in stainless steel and aluminium housing and will look good in any kitchen, weighs 13.7 pounds- so not very heavy but certainly good build quality and measures 9 x 16 x 12.8 inches. You can slice up things- do consistent and thin strips pretty quickly and efficiently, doesn’t get hot even after doing a large batch and save up money slicing your own stuff at home but just detach the stainless blade prior to cleaning and maintenance but is easy to take apart pieces and put them back on after cleaning. It is a plug and run type unit that comes ready straight out of the box with no set up required by the customer but obviously clean it before using for the first time as instructed on the user manual that is easy to read. This is a very good quality, well built and solid product for the price level, like all the Gourmia small kitchen appliances but don’t expect it to do frozen and boned stuff like on very expensive devices and there is no collection tray to get the sliced stuff. Although there aren’t many reviews out yet, it managed to get 5 / 5 stars out of 6 product reviews.

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