Gourmia GMC650SS 11-in-1 Sous Vide and Multi Cooker Review

Gourmia GMC650SS 11 in 1 Sous Vide & Multi Cooker


Stainless steel Gourmia GMC650SS is a versatile 11-in-1 sous vide and multi cooker with 1500 watt power, 6.5 quart (6 liter capacity) and a light blue LCD display that shows the time and temperature, with touch buttons for 11 cooking options around it, including bake, saute, roast, steam, stew, rice, yogurt, slow cook, manual, sous vide and keep warm. It includes the accessories you see in the photos, including a dual-use roasting rack, a stainless steel sous vide rack and a recipe book that you can benefit from when making a variety of meals. You can get it in stainless steel, purple or red and there is no price difference on the day of this product review. It has a streamlined design and is easy on the eyes so will look good in any kitchen, weighs 13.7 pounds and has the dimensions of 10x 17 x 11.75 inches. You will like having different kitchen cooking units in one as it will allow you to make tasty home-made meals very easily without you worrying too much, which makes it good for those that are not very good at cooking as they also won’t have to spend a lot of time for preparation. You can simply avoid cooking on the stove as you have pretty much all that you need with this unit. As an ETL certified kitchen product, it is very good quality, efficient and functional and very safe to use.

If you are familiar with sous vide style cooking, it has been a popular method in good restaurants for some time now and it is basically cooking your ingredients in a sealed bag in a bath of water at low, precise and consistent temperature. Gourmia GMC650SS includes a nonstick aluminum pot that helps distribute heat evenly and will help you achieve the tasty and nicely cooked food with great texture, and the fact that it is nonstick makes it very easy to clean, with also the stainless steel housing that can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. It has a tempered glass lid so you can view the cooking process without needing to open the lid and letting the heat escape. The integrated cord is not very long- measures 0.8m and it will need to be near a power outlet, it is a 1500 watt power (120V/60Hz) cooker and has a 1250 watt heating plate (120V). Manual setting is nice to have as you can set the temperature and time the way you want (much better than just having low, medium and high), or choose one of the pre-set options. It is economical to use as you will not have to use your large oven for smaller amounts and this multi cooker is like a mini oven that can cook much faster, saving on electricity too. Overall it seems like a wonderful cooker that will help you make fancy meals with different methods easily. It is a brand new unit and goes out on the market after being thoroughly inspected and tested, functions as it should.

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