Gourmia GMG7000 Prime Plus Commercial Grade Meat Grinder Review

Gourmia GMG7000 Prime Plus Meat Grinder

Gourmia GMG7000 Prime Plus Commercial Grade Meat Grinder

Gourmia GMG7000 Prime Plus is a commercial level meat grinder with a powerful 800-watt motor (120V) and that is built to last you a long time, with a very solid construction with a copper motor, die-cast metal hopper and a stainless steel blade for very decent grinding. Sausages you buy at the shops are filled with preservatives and other chemical substances you wouldn’t want in your food and it may be nice being able to make your own sausages in the comfort of your own kitchen.You can quickly grind any kind of meat and make your own sausages with it. For that purpose you will get three plastic sausage funnels (small, medium and large), three thick and solid steel meat grinding plates (fine, normal and coarse), plastic kibbeh attachment to make great healthy sausages, Middle Eastern kibbeh, pimento, ham, ground beef, lamb or chicken with a great consistency for your hash, burgers, meatballs or pasta Bolognese sauce. You’ll also get an instruction manual that is quite detailed and that includes a recipe book with more than ten recipes. 

Gourmia GMG7000 Prime Plus Commercial Meat Grinder

Gourmia GMG7000 is easy to assemble in just a few minutes with the nicely written instructions when you first take it out of the box (each piece is wrapped separately) and can also be easily taken apart for cleaning. It is very simple to run with a single switch located on the side that you press up for On and down for Reverse but is a little loud like all the other meat grinders. You can push the cubed meat into the cutter housing with the pusher provided and you will see straight away how easy it grinds the meat. It weighs 10 pounds and measures 10 x 14 x 10 inches- does not take up that much space on your counter and is also easy to store away in a cupboard, has a very sturdy and firm base which you’ll feel as you put the unit on the bench and the whole thing has a rather premium look and feel, with a great quality build and beautiful design. All the sausage funnels and cutting plates work as promised and you get your ground meat with great consistency for whatever you want to use it for. This is not an expensive meat grinder and will save you quite a bit of money over buying pre-ground meat at the supermarket. It appears to be very much worth the money you spend and is perfectly safe to use as an ETL certified product (complies with North American standards of safety).

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