Gourmia GPS650 Multifunction Hot & Cold Smoker, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and Steamer Review

Gourmia GPS650 Multifunction Hot & Cold Smoker, Pressure& Slow Cooker 

Gourmia GPS650 Multifunction Cooker Steamer

Gourmia GPS650 is a large 6.5 quart capacity 1300 watt, electric powered multifunctional / all-in-one cooking appliance with slow cooking, steaming, one hour hot and cold smoking and pressure cooking functions. It includes a dual level rack that can be removed and holds as much as 4 pounds of food- meat, poultry (even a whole chicken) or seafood in its aluminium inner container. It has a delay timer to start the cooking process after the prep, to fit your schedule and you will see the temperature, time and cooking status on its convenient electronic display panel. You have the steam, slow cook, smoke, delay time on the left of the LED-backlit display and Start/Stop, -, + and Pressure Setting which lets you adjust to three different modes to get your meal ready 70% faster. It will switch to “Keep Warm” mode automatically after cooking. Gourmia Cooker weighs 17.9 pounds and measures 12 x 16 x 12.5 inches and is fairly large inside with a 6.5 quart capacity for you to fit in quite a bit. As an ETL certified unit it is perfectly safe to use with some safety features, especially for the pressure cooking mode so don’t think this is like those older stove-top pressure cookers that can explode.

Gourmia GPS650 Multifunction Cooker

The unit combines the Sealed Smoke System with the Pressure Cooking and does the smoking job in a much shorter time- in just about an hour and very efficiently. All you do is put your ingredients on the SmokeStage, shut the lid and switch it on and in just about sixty minutes (five times faster than regular cooking methods) you will get to enjoy the awesome smokehouse barbecued meat, very easily and with no mess. The SmoCooker Turbo is not just for hot smoking and barbecuing and is also good for cold smoking of cheeses and other items, but you will need about 3 to 5 wood chips inside for your smoked stuff and all the hot smoke will stay in the “smoke cube” till you release the pressure. In the package you will find the main Gourmia MultiCooker, a detachable cooking container, a spoon, a silicon cap, a measuring cup, gasket, the stainless steel SmokeCube and two smoker racks. Gourmia, based in Brooklyn, NY designs and manufactures some great quality and functional, reliable and easy to use small kitchen appliances to make its customers’ lives easier, to help them make healthy and tasty gourmet meals consistently.

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