Gourmia GTA1500 Digital Electric Air Fryer, Griller and Roaster With Calorie Reducer Technology Review

Gourmia GTA1500 Air Fryer, Griller and Roaster via Amazon

Gourmia GTA1500 Digital Electric Air Fryer, Griller and Roaster

Here is another great new release cooker by the very popular brand, Gourmia GTA1500, a powerful electric air fryer, roaster and griller with digital controls and a small LCD panel on its beautiful round shaped, white and purple exterior. It comes with the “Calorie Reducer Technology” so it is designed to help you cook healthy and low calorie meals that also taste nice and flavourful. It is not just an air fryer but also a rotisserie, convection oven, steamer, air sauté and a grill and you will be able to cook 60% quicker than the regular methods of cooking. With its clever and innovative design hot air circulates around the ingredients, making the outside crispy and the inside moist- locking the tenderness and all the flavours inside by keeping the exterior of foods a little harder and crisper and you’ll get this great texture and taste without having to add any fat or oil. It is suitable for use in any kitchen or in any practical situation or for those that want a very practical solution in their holiday homes, dorms or those with busy lives that want a powerful 1300 watt cooker that will handle things quickly for them.

Gourmia GTA1500 Digital Air Fryer, Griller and Roaster

You’ll see a control panel with a small LCD screen and with buttons around it to set the time and temperature conveniently. This model includes a non-stick container inside that is also detachable for easy cleaning. You can fit in a regular sized chicken or roast beef easily as it measures 16.5 x 13 x 12 inches (weighs 16.9 pounds)- quite big inside but it will take a little longer than what is indicated and also make pizza, curried chicken, beef and veggies, kabobs, brownies and more. This unit is designed with all the user convenience in mind. You will continue eating your fried foods with the same taste of the deep fried but without using any oil and you will cut down on calories with the other cooking methods too. And if you compare it with a regular convection oven you will get the same results but much faster and with a cooker that has a much smaller footprint. It is easy to use and clean and if you have a very small kitchen you can just move it away and store it in your cupboard when you’re done with cooking, to save on space as it is quite large. There aren’t any recipes included and the instructions manual is not the best but otherwise this is another great quality and functional product by Gourmia.

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