GRACEN 110V 1400W Electric Clothes Dryer w/ Exhaust Pipe Review

GRACEN 110V 1400W Clothes Dryer w/ Exhaust Pipe

GRACEN 110V 1400W Portable Dryer

Silver GRACEN (GYJ40-168I1-S) is a 1400W power portable compact electric clothes dryer with an exhaust pipe and control panel that is offered in 2.65 & 3.5 cubic feet capacities for use in apartments. The date these Gracen Dryers first became available was August 4, 2021 on and both are currently ranked the 11th best selling dryer.

There is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this hot new release modern clothes dryer. You have the two size and color options of 2.65 cubic feet and 3.5 cubic feet, both in silver or yellow color options with about 80-dollar price difference at the moment. Please check for the current prices. With the 110V of voltage these dryers can be plugged into any regular US power outlets and they are easy to operate with the 4 automatic drying modes. It can be used in apartments, offices, washing rooms, factories and more. 

With the 1400-watt power this clothes dryer gets to a maximum temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit without exposing you to the weather limitations. You will enjoy your soft and clean clothes whenever you want. The humidity and clothes temperature are sensed by the smart sensors and the machine will turn itself off automatically when your clothes are dry. The drying times are adjusted based on the temperature and the humidity of the clothes. It does some reverse tumbling as well in the drying process and your items are not tangled. 

You can’t really do very big loads but can dry up to 12 t-shirts or 4 large towels or 5 pairs of jeans or 2 down jackets or a dry set of the bed set in the 2.6 cubic feet large capacity 9-pound clothes dryer. With the overheating protection function the dryer will stop automatically when the temperature is above 149 degrees Fahrenheit. When you open the door during the operation you’ll see a light flashing and an alarm sound buzzing. It holds the ETL certification andGRACEN 110V 1400W Portable Dryer Exhaust Pipe offers safe operation overall. In the box you’ll find the dryer, user manual with the warranty card and a 1/2-inch collet. 

This modern Gracen Clothes Dryer has a 9lb. capacity, weighs 47.4 pounds and measures 23.6 x 17.1 x 27.6 inches for a simple space saving design. You have the intelligent mode that adjusts the time of drying depending on the humidity, ECO mode that is good for deodorising the clothes that you’ve left in the dryer for a while, Air Dry mode for freshening the clothes letting the cool air move through without any heat and Strong mode for adjusting the time and temperature for drying your bulky clothes or a large number of them. It is easy to load with clothes, does the job well- dries them properly and works quietly and offers good value for money. 

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