Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine with Twin Tubs & Spin Drying Review

Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine

Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine

Greenvelly Portable Washing Machine with twin tubs is a semi automatic washer that also spins your washed clothes and drains the used water. It has 240-watt power for washing and 180 watts for spinning, 17.6-pound capacity for washing and 8 pounds for spin in these two tubs.

You can use this portable washing machine in small apartments, college rooms, dorms, RVs, camping and wherever you wish. You may purchase it in blue & white or grey & white, both with the same low price tag at the time of this post release. It has an easy to use control panel at the top for selecting the washing time up to 15 mins (3 to 15), spin drying time to 5 mins (1 to 5) and wash selector in the middle for gentle, normal and draining.

Greenvelly Washing Machine is easy to operate as you just put your clothes in, plug it into the power outlet, fill the tub with water, adjust the time and begin washing. You may want to select a temperature less than 50 degrees Celsius if you want to wash your clothes with warm water. As a twin tub semi-automatic washing machine with double functions it will save you on time as it can wash and spin at the same time for you. The time you will adjust it to will depend on the type of the clothes, very gentle items like silk for only 3 mins. But you can obviously set it to whatever you want and depending on how dirty your clothes are.

Greenvelly Washing Machine has a solid plastic body and rusting will never be a problem. It works quietly without disturbing you if you’re watching TV, reading a book or if you have someone sleeping in the house. Despite having a largeGreenvelly Portable Washing Machine Spin Dry capacity it doesn’t consume much energy, water or detergent. The seller has an agreement with several logistics firms and it will probably be shipped within 24 hours of your purchase.

They will help you in case of any problems, and you can contact them if the package is delayed or lost and they will help you track it. If you are not happy with the product after you receive it you may again contact the customer support team and they will get back to you within 24 hours and give you a replacement machine or your full money back. So you can just go ahead and order it with a peace of mind. It first appeared at very recently on January 23, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews so far.

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