HAILANG 3.2 cu. ft., 105 Can Freestanding Beverage Cooler Fridge with Double Glass Door Review

HAILANG 3.2cu. ft., 105 Can Freestanding Beverage Cooler

HAILANG Beverage Refrigerator With 105 Can

HAILANG Beverage Fridge (HLbcd-90tb1) is a modern cooler with a freestanding or standalone design, matte finish, double glass door, 3.2 cubic feet and 105-can capacity on the adjustable shelves for use at home, in the office or bar. It is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 25 customers on the day of this post release.

This freestanding beverage cooler with a double paned door has a key lock for preventing the intruders and keeping your cans and bottles of drinks safe. It is quite spacious with the measurements of 15.75 x 16.73 x 32.8 inches and with its 3.2 cubic feet interior capacity it can have up to 126 x 12-oz. cans. But it is not very big on the outside and will fit anywhere easily, including the home or office kitchen, office or bedroom.

There are 4 adjustable wire racks in this beverage cooler and you can fill it with the cans and bottles for parties or your personal or famiy’s daily use. You may also put taller cans, bottles and even the juice boxes. The temperature inside can be adjusted through the control knob at the rear. And you can have your cans of soda and beer at the optimal temperatures befre serving. The temperature is adjustable between 37 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit and will stay at whatever you set it to consistently thanks to its efficient compressor.

With the low noise level of this modern cooling system, your beverages will be kept at the right temperature without much noise. The natural occuring sediments in your wine will not be disturbed. It comes with a year of worry-free warranty as well as a 30-day return guarantee by Amazon. You can contact the customer service if you come across any problems. And they will be happy to help you. Because this is a compressor typ cooler you need to put it in an upright position for about 24 hours prior to use.

HAILANG Beverage Fridge 105 Cans

It is currently the 22nd best selling beverage fridge at the time of this product review. February 20, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com. We like the big storage capacity, space saving and modern double-door design, and an efficient compressor to keep the beverages at the optimal temperature. It has the adjustable feet for you to place the wine fridge anywhere you want without any wobbling and exta noise.

With the adjustable and removable racks you can fit any size bottle or can easily. The double-paned glass door has the UV filter to protect your wine bottles from the harmful UV rays and keep the inside well insulated. With the stronger rubber gasket you get an airtight sealing for keeping the interior cool without any cold air escaping. It has a security lock and you’ll get two keys in the box. With the 0.8A and 120V of voltage you can plug it into any standard power outlets. The door is not reversible, is right hinged and opens from the left. You can turn on or off the white LED-light easily through the control panel.

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