HAILANG Portable Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker Review

HAILANG Portable 26lb. Ice Maker

HAILANG Portable Ice Maker Countertop

HAILANG Portable Ice Maker is a modern, countertop ice machine with a 26-pound daily capacity with 9 smooth and round bullet shaped ice cubes ready in just 7 minutes or so and with 3 size options. It is designed for home, bar or office use and can be moved and used in different settings easily.

Hailang Portable Ice Maker comes with an ice scoop and ice basket for the easy transfer of these ice cubes. So when a batch is ready you may want to use the provided basket and scoop to get the cubes into the freezer or directly in your drinks, before melting back into the reservoir for use in the next batch. September 9, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and the average user rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 26 customers on the day of this post release.

Silver Hailang Portable Ice Maker has a compact and portable design, weighs 22 pounds and measures 14.57W x 11.02D x 13.12H inches- is easy to move around and use whenever and wherever you want. You can easily use it in your home or office kitchen, coffee shops, bars and RVs. It is easy to operate as you just add some water, press On/Off and select the size of the ice cubes. You’ll have your ice ready within 7 to 10 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, for use in your cold drinks.

This modern compact ice maker comes with the built-in sensors and the light indicators will let you know when the ice basket is full and that you may remove the ice or when it is about to run out of water and that you need to add some water for more ice production. The smooth and round, bullet shaped iceHAILANG Portable Ice Maker cubes will not hurt your mouth or hands. There are 3 ice cube sizes to choose from, Small, Medium or Large for your different needs, cooling drinks and food.

Hailang Ice Maker works quietly at a low noise level, without disturbing you and efficiently, saving you on energy use. It comes with a year of warranty and a good quality customer service that you may contact in case you encounter any problems. You can plug it into any standard US power outlets, with its 115V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency. Please note that this ice machine is a budget priced model without the self cleaning function. However it is quite easy to clean with just clean water, soap and brush. Overall we think that it is good value for money, especially at the lower price point.

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