Hiro 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker (Eb-fc57) Review

Hiro 13-in-1 Asian Rice Cooker- Eb-fc57 via Amazon

Hiro 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker (Eb-fc57)

Hiro EB-FC57 is a new release 13-in-1 Asian style rice cooker with an 860 watt power motor (110V, 60Hz), 5 liter capacity for up to 8 people, multiple functions, a large LCD panel that shows these different functions including 13 preset programs that let you begin cooking instantly at any time, very thick non-stick inner pot that offers better heating efficiency with variable and dynamic heating and 3D heating function with Fuzzy Logics that are not available in standard rice cookers and very easy cleaning. 13 preset modes include rice/cook, cake, yoghurt, crust, stew, veggies, fish, meat, fry, pasta, steam, soup, reheat and preset functions. This is a great cooker to have if you like your rice (and other stuff that you have preset buttons for on this unit) properly cooked- nice and fluffy with the right texture and taste and nutritious value with the great optimised programs for the best results. It has a modern and beautiful design with high grade bright exterior that is also resistant to heat, weighs 11 pounds and measures 14 x 9 x 8 inches. It is very easy to operate and can cook a variety of things as you can tell from the preset buttons, including brown rice although it is not mentioned on the panel and brown rice turns out quite soft and nice.

Hiro 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker

The cook button will work for different types of rice and you won’t need separate selections and you can reheat food if you’re not able to eat straight after it is cooked and you can also set the timer in the night so that it starts cooking your breakfast in the morning- delay for many hours. Keep warm feature will keep your rice and other foods fresh tasting and warm much longer than other units on the market. You will see the 13 preset buttons as well as cooking time, function, cooking status and preset timing on the LCD panel with 45 degree tilting that makes it easier to view. Although this is a great quality and great looking Japanese and Korean-style rice cooker with many functions and ease of cleaning, it is not expensive at all as you might think after all the functions and positive comments but it appears to be as decent as those that cost much more. You can steam your breakfast buns, steam dumplings and veggies at once, make soup or pasta for lunch or dinner and everything else you’ll see on the preset buttons and it will also make you eat healthier stuff more often as you probably won’t need to deep fry things as much, you’ll have more of clean, healthy and fresh. Shipping is often quite fast via Amazon and comes properly packaged.

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