HomCom 8 Tray 800W Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Food Dehydrator Review

HomCom 8 Tray 800W Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Food Dehydrator

HomCom 8 Tray 800W Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Food Dehydrator 800-023

HomCom 800-023 is an 800 watt budget food dehydrator with a large 8 tray capacity and timer for drying a variety of ingredients and mainly fruits and veggies but also meat, fish, nuts, herbs and other foods. It is offered as a great healthy, easy and economical way to dehydrate and preserve foods and extending the shelf life. Good thing is you will not have to pay for dried snacks at the supermarket and this will be a much healthier way as these dried snacks will not contain any added chemicals or preservatives. For you to dry food for the ideal amount of time, timer can be set for up to 40 hours and 59 minutes so you can dry your ingredients properly, whatever they may be and the temperature is adjustable between 86 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate different types of ingredients and for you to have the optimal temperature- fan cooks everything evenly- does a very consistent and accurate job. It includes an integrated fan for a consistent flow of air to help it dry stuff properly.

HomCom 8 Tray 800 watt Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Food Dehydrator 800-023

Black and silver, metal and solid plastic HomCom 800-023 looks nice with blue clear trays and transparent lid that opens to the left for you to see what’s going on without opening it. Each layer measures 15.25 x 13.5 x 0.5 inches and the unit overall measures 20.25 x 16.5 x 15 inches, weighs 20 pounds and has a 67 inch cord. You do not need to move or rotate the trays when the dehydrator is on. 800 watt power is pretty good and the motor is built quite durable (just like the rest of the dehydrator) so that the dryer runs much longer, with a frequency of 60Hz and 110 volts of voltage. We like that it is digital with a LED-backlit digital panel that shows the temperatures needed (in Fahrenheit and Celcius) to dehydrate different items like herbs, vegetables, fruits, fruit rolls, fish, meat and jerky, making yogurt and raising bread, timer and temperature with round yellow on and off buttons and the main red on and off switch. You have quite a bit of space on 8 trays and you can keep different foods organized and these plastic pull out trays are very easy to remove and clean. HomCom 8 Tray Dehydrator performs well and runs quietly, offers good value for money overall and is sold at a very reasonable entry level price.

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