Honeywell HWBL1023 41-inch Freestanding Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Honeywell HWBL1023 41″ Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Honeywell HWBL1023 41-Inch Freestanding Bottom Loading

Honeywell HWBL1023 is a 2017 model- hot new release 41-inch tall bottom loading water cooler with a beautiful freestanding design. It is designed for dispensing very cold, very hot and room temperature water immediately, with a very high-grade water pump and an efficient compressor.

Thanks to the bottom loading design, you will not need to lift any heavy water bottles. And there will not be any water spilling during the bottle loading process as you simply place the large bottle in the section provided. The water reservoirs at the rear are made of stainless steel and food-grade so the taste of water is nice and pure at all times. This great water dispenser is compatible for use with the 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles.

Normally a small disadvantage of having your water bottle in the hidden bottom section is the inability to notice that you’re running out of the water. But there is a LED light indicator at the front that tells you when it is time to change the water bottle. There is a child security lock for hot water at the top so anyone in the family can use it comfortably. With the push-in tap system at the top front of the unit, you will have access to your hot, cold or room temperature water whenever you want.

Honeywell HWBL1023 41-Inch Bottom Loading

This is an 85-watt power, compressor style, very efficient water cooler with a 2-litres per hour cooling capacity up to 38-degrees Fahrenheit. The heating capacity is specified as 5-liters per hour at up to more than 194 degrees Fahrenheit. You will get the optimal water temperature very easily. The white drip tray that you see on the photos is easily removable and can be cleaned easily. There is a handle at the rear that helps with easier lifting, but it is not a very heavy product without the water bottle inside.

Black Honeywell HWBL1023 has a modern standalone design that will compliment your home or office decor nicely, weighs 37.5 pounds and measures 12.6D x 13W x 40.2H inches. As an Energy Star certified cooler it consumes less electricity than many other models. And with the ETL certification, it is proven to meet the minimum product safety standards. You will get a 2-year limited warranty for the compressor and a year of limited warranty for the whole unit for both home and office use. You will also find warranty service points in more than 220 cities in the United States.

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