HTNBO Roman Hyperextension Adjustable Ab Sit Up Bench Chair Review

HTNBO Roman Hyperextension Bench Chair

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HTNBO Roman Hyperextension Bench Chair is an adjustable and foldable fitness equipment, a flat & decline and sit up bench for ab workout- crunches, stretching and strengthening lower back and other muscles.

It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by two users at the moment on as a very recent release (December 15, 2020) product. Both men and women of different ages can use it for a variety of exercises. It has a heavy duty steel frame with the proper coating to make it more durable. You have the two color options of grey or white, with the same price tag. It is designed to strengthen your spine, ab muscles (core section) and lower back and will help enhance the blood circulation in your body and will help relieve any pain.

HTNBO Roman Hyperextension Bench has a sturdy steel frame and weighs 30.86 pounds (14kg) with the measurements of 44.5 x 27.2 x (29-39) inches (113 x 69 x 74-88)cm. The maximum total user weight capacity is specified as 275 pounds or 125kg. It is preset to an appropriate 45-degree angle to offer you the best results. The soft and thick cushion covered by artificial leather will support your body and make you feel comfortable. You have the padded ankle foam rollers that you see in the product photos that will lock your body and keep it safe during your workout sessions.

This bench will help you stretch comfortably and work on your abdominal and back muscles for better fitness. You can hyperextend your abs while your ankles and legs are kept in place. This way you’re getting your different muscles engaged. One good benefit of strengthening your core section with this bench and stretches is enhancing your posture and easing back pain. You also have the padded handles to help you with your different exercises without needing a spotter. The height can be adjusted to 8 levels between 26.7 and 37 inches and shorter and taller people can use it comfortably.

The foam pads are fine but you can change them and order new ones if they don’t feel comfortable enough. It can be assembled easily with the clear instructions and basic tools included in the box. You can just move it to a good corner of your room or in a convenient spot after you’re done with your workout session. HTNBO Roman Hyperextension Bench Chair is shipped from a warehouse in the US but the products originally come from China. Please note that the ankle supports are not adjustable but the back cushion is. It is not a commercial grade, the best quality bench on the market but does the job and the price tag is not high either, it offers good value for money. In the package you will find the Roman chair bench and a user manual.

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