IDI Portable Air Conditioner Mini Cooler Fan Review

IDI Portable Air Conditioner Mini Cooler Fan

IDI Portable Air Conditioner Mini Cooler Fan

IDI Portable Air Conditioner and Mini Fan is a necklace type, USB rechargeable personal cooling system with a hands free and very quiet operation that comes with three speeds for a cooling breeze of 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is designed for summer indoor or outdoor use when you’re out and about in the heat. It is very easy to run, has a very quiet operation, includes the AI chip and adjustable fans. When you recharge it via the 1A5V micro USB input you can use the cooling- air con option for up to three hours and the fan up to 20 hours.

People of pretty much all ages can use it comfortably- manufacturer recommendation is between 10 and 60 years of old. You can use it in different activities like fishing, biking, golfing, hiking and subway. When the back unit is cooling down your neck, the headphone fans also have to rotate and work. The fan will also will a bit like the cooler and make you feel cooler.

Please note that there isn’t really a cool mist spray or humidifier on this unit. But the fans are rather powerful and you have the semiconductor thermo electric cooler that powers the metal cooling bar will give you a decent AC type feel that is 6 to 9 degrees cooler than the ambient heat. In terms of the design, the fit to neck curve is breathable and comfy.

It is made of non-allergic soft rubber easy to wear with the adjustable length and angle. You may not have high expectations as to how this little USB charged headphone like device can cool you in the heat. It does work as advertised and seems to be worth how much it costs. It is a good quality product that is designed to be durable- to last a while and does the job well judging by the customers that purchased and used the product.

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