Igloo Beverage Wine Center, MIS1530 Review

Igloo Beverage Wine Center, MIS1530 

Igloo Beverage Wine Center

Igloo MIS1530 is a multifunctional beverage and wine center with a traditional design, that can accommodate up to 36 regular sizes of wine bottles or 150 standard beverage cans. You can store your beer, soda, water and wine in your bar area, den or kitchen and it may also be like an additional cooling unit for those with not enough space in their main fridge or if you want to keep your drinks cold and near you. It even includes a solid and sturdy chrome wine rack in the middle for easy retrieval of your wines and three convenient glass shelves for your cans or plastic or glass bottles as an ecologically friendly modern unit. You’ll find a silver frame that looks like stainless steel around the flat panel glass door for you to see inside clearly and the digital touch controls for temperature and turning the internal blue LED light on or off. The temperature can be adjusted between 40 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees is more than enough to keep your drinks cool, unlike some people may suggest.

Igloo Beverage Wine Center MIS1530Igloo MIS1530 Cooler measures 21 x 20 x 32 inches, has a sleek, attractive and traditional design in all black with glass door and silver frame and shouldn’t really look weird in any space or decor. Please note that the door is not reversible and will only open to the right as you see in the photo. The wine bottle rack will only fit in its special slot but the glass shelves are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of cans and bottles. It looks good and works well, cooling your beverages and wines to whatever temperature you need but we are not sure if you can really have 36 standard wine bottles or 150 small cans or bottles in there.  In practice, judging by customer reviews, you could probably fit in more than 30 wine bottles and about 100 small cans or bottles easily and conveniently. One of the customers complained about the high noise level but this doesn’t seem to be the case for others and they comment on it being rather quiet.You should get it shipped pretty quickly via Amazon.com and you will receive it very well packaged with good protection but still easy to remove from packaging. Warranty is the standard one year by the manufacturer- Igloo and for whatever problems you may have within the first twelve months.

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