IKER 2-in-1 Countertop Home & Commercial 44lb. Capacity Ice Maker and Shaver Review

IKER 2-in-1 Countertop 44lb. Ice Maker and Shaver

IKER Ice Maker and Ice Shaver Machine Countertop, 44lbs

IKER Ice Maker and Shaver is a 2-in-1 countertop style, stainless steel kitchen appliance with a 44 pounds of daily capacity for both domestic and commercial use like in bars, restaurants, canteens, fairs, and snack stands. It makes bullet shaped ice cubes and shaved ice for snow cones (with the built-in ice crusher), mixed drinks or a variety of cold beverages.

It is currently ranked 137th among the best selling appliances and the 54th among the ice makers. It first became available on January 4, 2021 and the current average rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 48 users on the day of this product review. Silver and black Iker Ice Maker & Shaver weighs 37.7 pounds, measures 14.76 x 15.55 x 16.73 inches and has a 3-liter capacity water reservoir and 6.6 pounds of ice basket. You can get shaved ice within just a minute. It makes 18 ice cubes in each cycle every 9 to 11 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.

It is good for meeting big ice demands easily on a daily basis. You have a bit of flexibility for filling the large water tank as you can either connect the ice machine to a water supply for filling automatically or you can pour water manually into the water basin. You get a regular filter in the box for the first option. The unused water can be drained through the water draining port and this makes it easier to clean. As an FDA and ETL certified ice making machine it is perfectly safe to use. And these machines go through strict quality control before going out on the market.

This ice maker has the Auto Overflow Protection with the infrared sensors and it will stop making ice when the ice basket is full or when it is running out of water and needs more water in for more ice production in the next batch. You will be notified in both cases through the red light indicators on the front of the machine. It is very easy to operate as you just plug it in and press a button and wait for it to make ice cubes. You’ll get an ice scoop included in the box and you need to scoop the ice into the built-in ice crusher on the right hand side and press the Crush button to get your shaved ice.

IKER Ice Maker and Ice Shaver Countertop, 44lbs

You can observe the ice making process through the transparent window without needing to open the lid. It is built with the high grade stainless steel and nicely constructed. You’ll find a stainless steel ice tray and blade that are corrosion- free and food grade. This ice maker is obviously rust proof and is very easy to keep clean. You have a 3 liter capacity water reservoir and 6.6lb. ice basket and with the built-in recycling system the melted water from the unused ice will be filtered for reuse in the next ice cube batch.

In the box you’ll get the ice making machine, an ice shovel, an ice basket, a measuring cup, a water filter and a user manual. There is a tearable protective film at the front of the ice machine to help print the Iker brand logo. But it is brand new and it was tested thoroughly before packaging. It is solid and durable with a very long service life. With the 110V of voltage you can plug it into the standard US power outlets. You need to keep the front cover open for a couple of hours prior to its first use. And you may want to transfer the ice cubes it makes into your fridge freezer or drinks or they will melt gradually. With two significant functions in one machine you will save on money and space.

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