IsEasy Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Stove 24” 4 Burners (MGBS-604D) & 30″ 5 Burners (MGBS-765) with NG/LPG Conversion Kit Review

IsEasy Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Stove 24” 4 Burners & 30″ 5 Burners

IsEasy Gas Cooktop 24-inch Stainless Steel 4 Burners

Stainless steel IsEasy Gas Cooktop Stove is offered in two sizes of 24” with 4 Burners (MGBS-604D) and 30″ with 5 burners (MGBS-765), both of which come with the NG/LPG conversion kit and knob control. They first became available at on January 27, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews at the time of this post release.

The built-in installation 24-inch 4-burner gas stove measures 23.22L x 20W x 3.8H inches and the 30-inch 5 burner gas stove is 30L x 19.62W x 4.52H inches. The cutout measurements are 22L x 18.89W inches for the 4-burner one and 28.69L x 18.86W inches for the 5-burner stove. This recessed built-in gas cooktop gives you the flexibility with the 3 size burners of a 3500BTU, a dual ring 12000BTU and double 6000-BTU for a total of 4 burners. And you have a 3500-BTU, a 9200BTU, double 6000BTU and a dual ring 12000BTU on the larger 5-burner model.

So the maximum energy output is 12000BTU- British Thermal Units. And they both offer you a stable and strong heat that is more than enough for steaming, frying, stir frying, simmering or boiling with the Temperature Control Master. They have the built-in security of the thermocouple flame-out failure system that ensures that the gas is shut off if no flame is detected, so that there is no gas leaking in your house, which can be quite dangerous and even deadly. It comes with the double NG- Natural gas nozzles as preset and you can get them changed with the LPG nozzles if you’ll be using it with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

The stainless steel cooktop surface on this unit is easy to clean and the 4 burners are resistant to corrosion. Flat cast iron grates are built solid and are also easy to clean and maintain. This will contribute to your kitchen being clean and looking nice and tidy. The voltage is 110V to 220V AC for the stove power igniters and you can also use a lighter or other flame if you’re not near a power output. You’ll find an adjustment valve for the flame adjustment if you think the flame is not enough.

These cooktops go out on the market after being inspected thoroughly including the valves inspection and gas leaking inspection. Please make sure all the joints are sealed after installing the gas cooktop and the burner sets and burner caps are placed in the right position. If you want to switch from NG to LPG as the gas source please ask a professional.  The advantages of the aluminum burner design is a higher temp resistance and a clearer flame. IsEasy Gas Cooktops come with a warranty of one year with a no-worry post-sales customer support. You can contact the seller no matter what your problems are with this stove and they will be glad to assist you.

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