IsEasy Tempered Glass 12-inch 2-Burner & 24-inch 4-Burner LPG/NG Gas Cooktops Review

IsEasy Tempered Glass LPG/NG Gas Cooktops

IsEasy 4-Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop

IsEasy Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop is offered in two sizes of 12-inch with two burners and 24-inch with four burners with the tempered glass heater surface. They are 120V built-in gas hobs with thermocouple protection that are suitable for dual fuel LPG and NG operation. The average customer rating is an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars by 10 users at the time of this post release.

The 4-burner model is roughly 80 dollars more than the 2-burner model at the moment and please check the Amazon product page for the current prices. These stove tops work with gas and the ignition system is electronic- needs electric power. The 2-burner gas cooktop measures 12.2L x 20.08W x 4.72H inches with a cut-out size of 10.43 x 18.7 inches. And the 4-burner model is 23.62 x 21.26 x 4.33 inches with the cut out size of 22.05 x 18.90 inches.

The efficient cooking 2-burner model has a 1000-watt or 4.08BTU/s maximum power and a 120V (60Hz) pulse ignition system with plug. The upper burner has a 3.13Btu/s power and the lower burner has a 0.95Btu/s. The 4-burner model has a maximum power of 7800 watts or 7.39Btu/s with the lower right burner 1.66Btu/s, upper right 1.66Btu/s, lower left 0.95Btu/s and top left burner with 3.13Btu/s. You get even heat from all burners for your different needs of cooking, like frying, deep frying, boiling, stewing, roasting or simmering.

These built-in tempered glass cooktops have the automatic thermocouple protection. The 12-inch gas stove topcomes with a flameout device and the gas will be turned off automatically with the thermocouple protection when no flame is detected and any gas leaking problem is prevented. Please also make sure you do the gas leaking test with a soapy solution before starting to use your cooktop.The 8mm tempered glass on the stovetops is a very polished glass and is quite easy toIsEasy Tempered Glass Gas Cooktop 12-inch 2 Burners 120V clean and maintain, more than a stainless steel surface. The propane cooktop glass is made of decent hard materials and is resistant to high temperature or rusting.

There is a heavy-duty cast iron bracket on the stovetop that is quite solid, stable and durable and can carry most heavy pots. The bakelite knobs can also resist high temperatures and are quite solid and durable. The automatic ignition is simple to operate and flexible with the rotating function to adjust the gas precisely. These stovetops are preset to natural gas and you can get it replaced with an LPG nozzle with the LPG gas conversion kit if you want to use liquefied gas instead. September 8, 2021 is the date these tempered glass stove tops became available at and currently ranked 34th on the website. You can contact the customer service team if you have any questions or problems through your order page on Amazon or their contact details.

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