iSoda DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz Cylinder Review

iSoda DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker via Amazon

DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz Cylinder

iSoda’s DrinkMate is the new carbonated drink maker- the “Add fizz to any drink carbonation system” with innovative design, unique functions, low system pressure and reliable operation, that lets you create your new favorite drink, carbonate and recarbonate everything in your fridge any time. This includes water (tap or drinking water), lemonade, juices, apple cider, tea, smoothies, wine, liquor, cocktails and other drinks in your kitchen without having to buy the sugary unhealthy sodas from the store- you’ll get more creative by plenty of freedom, create your own punch or cocktail recipes and save money as it will cost much less than store bought fizzy drinks over time and is a lot of fun to use. You can also turn the beers and sodas that have gone flat to fizzy and you will also bring that bite back as the CO2 with water creates carbonic acid and also CO2 stimulating tactile receptors on the tongue and you kind of start craving that tingling after a while. It measures 5 x 11 x 17 inches- compact with small footprint due to its vertical design and will help save on counter space, has a high end stylish fit and finish and looks sleek and elegant, is offered in three colours of black, white and red.

iSoda DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker with 3 oz Cylinder

iSoda Drinkmate is easy to set-up, operate and clean- includes a removable Fizz Infuser and two release buttons that let you be in better control of the CO2 release for the ideal carbonation and it doesn’t need batteries or electricity- is purely manual with a couple of buttons and works by injecting CO2 into your drink and create fizz. It comes with a 3 ounce cylinder, the BPA-free bottle can be quickly attached to the machine and has a volume line and you can just carbonate a glass of your drink and you don’t have to do the whole bottle. It works with CO2 cartridges that are interchangeable with those used in Soda Stream units and cartridges last a while, comes with a starter cylinder that should last for 10-15 bottles and sparkling water stays fresh in iSoda bottles for up to 4 days in the fridge. On the downside you will need to buy and exchange cartridges when they run out but overall it is a great innovative product with a streamlined design and unique features and that is easy and lot of fun to use and your whole family and guests will enjoy using it and you can serve sparkling beverages at dinners or home parties without having to purchase lots of bottles from the shops. It is an environmentally friendly unit and there are only 5 reviews on so far but they are all 5 stars and this certainly says something about this great product.

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