Ivation 31-Bottle 15” Built-in Undercounter Compressor Wine Cooler, IV-BWCC311SS Review

Ivation 31-Bottle 15” Built-in Compressor Wine Cooler

Ivation 31-Bottle 15” Built-In Compressor Wine Cooler

Ivation IV-BWCC311SS is a 31-bottle capacity 15-inch size built-in style undercounter wine cooler, cellar or fridge with an efficient and quiet compressor. The temperature can be adjusted between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit through the LED-backlit touch control panel.

It has the double pane smoked glass door with the beautiful stainless steel accents. It seals very tightly to keep the optimal and stable temperature inside and protects from harmvul UV- ultraviolet rays. You can keep all your white, red and sparkling bottles in it. You can fit in 31 regular 750ml size Bordeaux type bottles in the 15-inch cellar. You have the option to get it in two other different versions of dual zone 20 bottle + 66 cans (IV-BWBCC403DSS) and dual zone 46 bottle (IV-BWCC461DSS).

Ivation Wine Cooler has a heavy-duty compressor with a 90-watt power (120V) and an internal fan for a more consistent, safer and more energy-efficient cooling. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to the thermoelectric coolers. With the built-in suppression technology, the potential vibrations or unpleasant sounds are completely removed or significantly reduced. The LCD display panel with the easy touch button controls include the temperature up and down (single zone climate control), LED light and Celsius/Fahrenheit converter. It has the automatic light on and off feature as well.

Ivation IV-BWCC311SS weighs 84.2 pounds and measures 22.4 x 14.8 x 33.9 inches. The counter depth is 24 inches. With the convenient built-in undercounter design with the front-facing ventilation you can install it directly into your kitchen or bar cabinetry or use it as a freestanding cooler thanks to its beautiful custom design look in your home bar, kitchen or wine cellar. The stainless steel door frame and the six Ivation 31-Bottle 15” Built-In Compressor Wine Cellarshelves inside with the modern chrome accents give it a stylish and modern appearance. This modern Ivation Wine Cooler has the double pane glass door, robust foam insulation and secure-seal door gasket.

The tempered smoked glass door looks nice for modern elegance and offers extra protection from UV lights and wine spoilage. It helps slow down the oxidation in your bottles, balance the flavors and extend the shelf life for the best experience. It also the auto defrost function and you don’t need to defrost it manually. This highly energy efficient cooler is Energy Star rated and consumes around 0.26 kw per hour. The noise level is specified as 36 decibels, which means it runs fairly quietly. Door hinges are easily reversible, for you to open it from the right or the left depending on your space or preference. It comes with a limited warranty of one year by the manufacturer, in case you have any problems or issues.

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