Ivation K17S 1.7 Liter 7 Cup Precision-Temp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Tea Kettle (IV-DEK171SS) Review

Ivation K17S 1.7 Liter 7 Cup Electric Kettle via Amazon

Ivation 1.7 Liter(7-Cup) Precision-Temp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Tea Kettle IV-DEK171SS

Ivation K17S (IV-DEK171SS) is a 7 cup or 1.7 liter capacity stainless steel cordless tea kettle with a powerful 1500 watt heater that helps heat up very quickly, digital controls, precision temp and six preset heat options with single touch clickable buttons on the heat-resistant handle for you to make (steep or brew) coffee and tea at exactly the right temperature to extract maximum flavours, robust and rich taste without bitterness, great texture and aromas, ability to keep warm automatically for two hours. It also includes boil-dry protection with safety shutoff, clear water level window with levels that are easy to read and a no-drip spout. You have the 6 preset temperature options of 212 degrees Fahrenheit for noodles, porridge, cocoa and black tea, 200 degrees for French press coffee, 190 degrees for oolong tea, 185 degrees for white tea, 175 degrees for green tea and 160 degrees for delicate teas. Super fast heating by 1500 watt heater means you will be able to boil 1.7 liter of water in under five minutes, way faster than lower powered electric kettles and definitely stovetops so you won’t have to wait much and is also power efficient to save you on electricity bills. It will turn itself off automatically when it reaches the chosen temperature or when there is no water left to avoid dry boil and the enclosed heating element is not damaged- you will need at least half a litre of liquid.

Ivation 1.7 Liter(7-Cup) Precision-Temp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

With the 90 second memory function it even remembers your temperature settings when you detach the kettle from the base (as long as you have it on keep-warm). You can also switch off the “Keep Warm” function whenever you want during the heating or before. Heating element is enclosed so the scale accumulation is avoided and you can remove and wash the scale filter so you get cleaner water, has a 360 degree rotating power base with cord wrapping inside the base so there is no clutter and 360 degrees swivel gives a bit of flexibility. It looks nice and sleek in brushed stainless steel and will look great on your counter where it can easily have a permanent spot, weighs 3.2 pounds and measures 9.9 x 9.7 x 7.7 inches- not a very large footprint and brushed steel can be wiped off easily but the kettle is not safe for dishwasher and you shouldn’t put it in water and there is no water indicator inside and gauge fills up slower than the interior. The stainless lid is not the removable sort but the front lifts up easily by pushing a button so you can add your water. Most of the interior is also stainless steel and there is hardly any plastic that touches the water, except for the little part on the drip spout and the gauge but even they are separated by stainless steel through the interior and the taste of water and tea is pretty good- nothing like you get with plastic interior kettles. It works quieter and faster than competitors and has a subtle but audible beep when the water is at required temperature (a couple of customers compared it to the similar model of Cuisinart) and is certainly a great electric kettle that is very simple to use and with nice features for how much it costs.

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