JESE JS-500A(US) Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Extra Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review

JESE JS-500A Wide Chute Extra Slow Masticating Juicer

jese wide chute masticating juicer

JESE JS-500A(US) is an extra slow masticating cold press juicer with a 3.5-inch diameter large feeder. It has a 250-watt power motor (120V, 60Hz) that runs at 37rpm rotating speed, which is probably the lowest speed available on the market. You’d be looking at 70 rpm+ speeds on regular masticating juicers. You will have much more of healthy nutrients- minerals, vitamins and enzymes, color and taste left in your juice as compared to the fast speed centrifugal juicers.

It comes with a multifunction cooking head that lets you make ice cream, meat stuffing, veggie salad as well as juice. It actually acts like an ice crusher, blender, baby food maker, meat grinder, coffee machine, soy milk maker and juicer. So you won’t need to have more than one machine for different tasks on your counter. You can fit in whole fruits through its 85mm chute. You don’t have to prepare- cut and slice your fruits or veggies, which will save you both time and effort.

You will also be keeping more of the nutrients in by reducing the oxidation with less cutting and chopping. And there will be less of mess and cleaning up for you. It includes the removable parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean as they are dishwasher-safe. You can also wash them in running water with the cleaning brush provided in the box. The juice container, screw, filter and the feeding cylinder need to be washed.

With the new generation spiral propeller that is 70mm higher and SW series decelerator application, the speed is reduced to 37rpms. At the highest level of the spiral, the whole fruit is cut into thick pieces, then chop them finely with the saw tooth, mince and squash, and grind the pulp at the lowest level to maintain the vitamins and minerals.

You have a choice of two filters: With the smaller holes of the original fine filter you will get a pulp-free and smooth juice or soy milk. And with the larger holes of the loose filter you will get high fiber pulp-rich juice. It will come down to what you prefer or like. Being an extra slow masticating juicer, it runs quieter (at noise levels between 30-50 decibels) than other juicers.

jese slow anti-oxidation juicer parts

It has a customized drip dry stand/rack which is convenient to have and use prior to storage after the parts are washed. It has an adjustment valve that lets you control the juice flow into your glass, which also comes in handy for when you want to make mixed juice. And without the plug, air would go into your juice easily and it would be oxidized more.

There is a children security lock that does not let the juicer open without you unlocking the cover first. It will not turn on unless you have all the parts locked in place. The overload protection mechanism turns off the juicer automatically when it detects any overloading and it won’t be overheated.

The unit weighs 23.2 pounds, with a height of 21.5 inches and a width of 9.5 inches. The shipped package measures 18.5 x 17.6 x 12.2 inches. You will get a user manual and a recipe book, a cleaning brush, a vacuum tool and a variety of other parts that you see in the photo. It is a very versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes, and not just juicing.

If you get anything stuck in there, like a piece of celery stick, you can just press the REV button to reverse and release it. Then you can continue with juicing straight away by pressing the On button. It is best to read the user manual before starting to use this machine. You and your kids will consume a lot more of fruits and vegetables with this unit.

Jese Juicer runs quietly and will not distract your conversation when you’re near it. It is very easy to clean once you are done, with dishwasher-safe parts, a cleaning brush and a drying rack included in the package. It has a very solid construction, looks good and offers tremendous value, as compared to other slow masticating juicers on the market. The product comes with a long 5 years of warranty by the manufacturer. And you can contact them via email or phone if any accessories or parts need replacing.

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