Karinear Portable Countertop Induction & Electric Ceramic Cooktops Review

Karinear Countertop Induction & Electric Cooktops

Karinear Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Karinear Portable Countertop Induction Burner Cooktop is offered in three sizes of 1-zone with 1800W, 2-zones with 3200W and 4-zones with 6000W. The single burner with 1800W power is designed for cooking in home kitchens but with its lightweight, compact and portable design it can be taken to picnics and camping and can be stored easily.  It is a good size for use in small apartments, office kitchens, dorms, RV’s and anywhere you need an additional cooktop.

The single burner induction hot plate has the sensor touch LCD-backlit sensor touch display that can be controlled and viewed easily, 12 temp and power settings, timer and kids security lock. There are 12 preset power levels between 200W and 1800W and temperatures between 140°F (60°C) and 460°F (238°C). You can increase or decrease the temp with the + and – buttons. You have the 9 power levels on both the 3200W (2000/1000W+1200W and the 6000W 4-burner unit (1800W+1800W+1200W+1200W). With an 83% energy efficiency rating it is more efficient than the conventional electric and gas stoves. And you can cook in a shorter time, and you don’t need to wait that long for your meal to be ready.

Karinear Induction Cooktop has the auto shutdown, timer/preset, an integrated 4-hour digital timer for the hot pot function, 24-hour presets for Energy, Warm or Water. The induction stove turns itself off in two hours except for the timer, to save on energy. It has the built-in Child Security Function and when the child lock is enabled the other keys will not be available for use. There is no open fire that could present security issues. It is easy to clean as you can just wipe the top solid glass with a damp cloth. It is important that you use the cookware with magnetic bottoms and the diameter should be 5 inches and more. With the 120V of voltage and 15amp it can be used with the standard US power outlets.

Karinear Portable Induction Cooktop C

You have 6000 watts (240V) of total power on the 4-burner model (KNC-D46001) and 3200 watts (240V) on the KNC-D23201 model. The ceramic cooktops have the embedded design and will save you on space in the kitchen. And if you do not have a slot for an electric stove top, you may use it straight on the desktop. They have the advanced touch sensor control panels and you touch your fingers gently without forcing them. You can cook easily and  in different ways, including boiling, slow cooking, deep frying, searing, steaming, simmering by using the 9 power settings.

The timer on the ceramic cooktop can be adjusted between 1 and 99 minutes and the electric cooktop will be shut off automatically when the time is up and there won’t be overcooking or burning. Please note that the 2-burner and 4-burner models need the help of an electrician for wiring and they don’t come with plugs. These built-in ceramic hobs (2240-240V) are hard wired and need to be connected to a good earth wiring. But the installation is not a difficult task. Karinear is a very new brand name that appeared on the market very recently in 2020. And these stovetops first became available at Amazon.com on March 19, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews yet. As a good quality product and a company that stands behind it, you get a warranty of three years along with a decent customer support.

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