Keurig 119011 KOLD Drinkmaker Review

Keurig 119011 KOLD Drinkmaker via Amazon

Keurig 119011 KOLD Drinkmaker

Keurig 119011 KOLD Drinkmaker makes cold and fresh fizzy carbonated or still beverages including ice tea, soda, sports drinks and cocktail mixes consecutively, quickly and easily in one or two minutes by just Keurig KOLD pods in the comfort of your homewithout using a CO2 canister or syrup bottles. You can expect to make up to 8 single serve beverages (8 oz size) back to back. It has a smart and current design, looks good in both black and white (is offered in two colours of white and black), weighs 23.7 pounds and has the measurements of 19.2 x 12 x 14.9 inches so it is quite big and has a relatively large footprint, includes a 52 oz. water tank and a 10 oz. drip tray, comes with two drinkmaker glasses for your freshly made drinks. Each soda pod has the syrup at the bottom and karbonator beads that hold the CO2 at the top section and when you press the KOLD button the beads will release fizz and the carbonated drink making process starts. You’ll get a pod for a good range of drinks including Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, Coke, Diet Coke, iced teas, sports drinks, cocktail mixers, seltzers, flavoured waters and more.

Keurig 119011 KOLD Drink maker

The way Keurig Kold operates is a lot like those Keurig coffee machines you may be used to, you’ll stick in a pod, press a button and voila you have your drink ready- is all about the Keurig simplicity. It is not a very quiet machine and a little expensive as a cold drink maker but is quite versatile, fast, functional, convenient, simple to use, has a futuristic design, unique and interesting like nothing that the competitors offer and your friends and especially your kids will love it. 8 oz size drink is ideal for most people and the way it gives you the convenience  of having coke and other drinks with great flavours form the fountain whenever you want. It may perhaps be a good idea for Keurig to combine a hot and cold drink machine in one if it is feasible at all and offer a competitively priced machine (to offer more cost effective drinks) and this way people can save space on their counter if they don’t have a lot of it. You will have all the variety of drinks your guests and your family may ask as long as you have the drink pods on hand, it works just like a typical Keurig pod style coffee machine and it is a very cool concept for sure. You need to have it plugged in at all times if you want quick cold and tasty drinks any time of the day every day and you will not need a separate ice maker or fridge for that but the pods are not particularly cheap and this is not so much about making the cold drink making process cost effective yet but more the convenience of having it in your kitchen.

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