Koswin Portable 8 lb. Washing Machine with 6 Programs, XQB32-1432YJ Review

Koswin Portable 8 lb. Washing Machine

Koswin Portable Washing Machine

White and gray Koswin Portable Washing Machine (XQB32-1432YJ) is a fully automatic unit with the 6 washing programs, an 8-pound total load capacity, up drain pump, child lock and the noise cancellation design.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 5 users on the day of this product review. With a compact and lightweight design it is suitable for use in small apartments and dorms. 8 pounds (3.6kg) of load capacity is good enough for your daily washing needs and you can choose from the 6 wash programs, including the spin wash and spin dry. It has a soft cover at the top with a transparent glass, and you can view your washing process.

It is quite a powerful machine with a 270-watt power (120V) that runs quietly at a noise level between 30 and 50 decibels with the noise cancellation design. The noise level will generally not disturb you and you can listen to your music, read your book or watch a movie. It has a stainless steel tub inside that helps it become more sturdy and durable. With the premium metallic design and the painted decoration on top, it has a nice, sleek and modern design and is easy on the eyes.

Koswin Washing Machine is made of stainless steel and solid plastic, weighs 44 pounds and measures 18.43 x 19.76 x 30.98 inches. The interior stainless steel drum has a 1.1 cubic feet capacity. You can move this compact and portable washer on its two built-in caster rollers easily. In the package you will find the washing machine, drain hose, 3/4 BSP standard size water inlet hose, faucet adapter and a user manual. You can use the faucet adapter to hook up the sink tap with the water inlet hose. You’ll also find a black plate with two screws in the accessory pack for use as noise proof at the bottom of the washer.

As a safety measure, the washing machine will stop or pause if you open the lid. The soft closing cover means you can close the lid gently without hurting your hands. Please note that as part of the testing procedure the water leakage is also checked and you may get a bit of water (less than 80ml) in the tub. And this doesn’t mean the machine is used, it is Koswin Portable Washing Machine 8 lb.brand new. In case of an imbalance of your clothes loaded in the tub, the security switch will refill the unit with water for being able to adjust the imbalance. You can fill this washing machine with water manually or via the inlet, so it gives you a bit of flexibility.

All the accessory parts are included in the package and you won’t really need to buy anything. The compact washing machine complies with the US safety standards. All the components and the materials used are friendly to the environment and comply with the ROHS and includes no hazardous substances. So overall it is perfectly safe to you and the environment. The washing machines come out on the market after a thorough quality check and the warranty offered is 12 months by the manufacturer. You can have a peace of mind and you shouldn’t have any problems and if you do, the customer support will be happy to help out.

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