KRIB BLING 5.0 cu.ft Adjustable 7 Thermostat Compact Deep Chest Freezer, KB03 Review

KRIB BLING 5.0 cu.ft Adjustable 7 Thermostat Mini Deep Chest Freezer  

KRIB BLING Chest Freezer 5.0 cu.ft Mini Adjustable 7 Thermostat Compact Deep Freezer Top Door

When it comes to ensuring your frozen goods remain frozen and fresh, the KRIB BLING Chest Freezer is here to help. To help you decide whether this freezer would be a good investment, we will examine the features, functionality, and customer feedback in this product review.

Overview and Specifications:

The KRIB BLING Chest Freezer boasts the following specifications:

  • Size: Available in 3.5 cu. ft and 5.0 cu. ft options.
  • Color: Comes in Black and White variations.
  • Dimensions: 22.42″D x 21.06″W x 30.42″H.
  • Brand: KRIB BLING.
  • Model Name: KB03-80Q-BLACK 5.0-2.
  • Door Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity: 5 Cubic Feet.
  • Noise Level: 38 dB.
  • Installation Type: Freestanding.
  • Included Components: Frost Scraper, Movable Basket.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Size, Large Capacity: The KRIB BLING Chest Freezer is suitable for both business and residential usage thanks to its small exterior and surprisingly spacious interior. It offers an additional storage option without taking up a lot of room.
  2. Manual Defrosting: This freezer uses manual defrosting, which keeps the temperature consistently below freezing, preserving the freshness of your frozen meals for a longer period of time.
  3. Removable Basket: The ability to separate and organize your smaller items better is made possible by the removable basket feature. It can also be taken out to provide room for heavier objects.
  4. 7 Temperature Modes: This chest freezer can accommodate a variety of storage demands thanks to its seven temperature settings, including deep freeze, refrigerate, and keep fresh. The appropriate low-temperature setting for your food is easy to choose.
  5. Low Noise Operation: Operating at a low decibel level of 38 dB, the KRIB BLING Chest Freezer causes the least amount of noise disturbance in your home.

Technical Details:

  • Country of Origin: China.
  • Voltage: 110 Volts.
  • Defrost: Manual.
  • Shelves: 1.

Common Questions Answered:

The product listing also addresses some common questions:

  • Before First Use: To give the internal compressor time to settle, the freezer should be left upright for 24 hours before usage.
  • Missing Bottom in Package: The design of the package was intended to make pulling it out of the box simple. Rather than being a sealed box, the bottom is made of foam.
  • Machine Stops Working: A one-year warranty is included with the device, and customer assistance can be contacted via Amazon message or the given service email.
  • Built-In Space: Placing the chest freezer under the counter is not advised. For effective cooling, it should be placed away from heating appliances.
  • Freezer Freezing Issues: Potential causes include too-cold settings, insufficient door closure, or the need to put food with high moisture content in sealed containers.

Customer Feedback:

Overall customer satisfaction with the KRIB BLING Chest Freezer has been high. They value its small footprint and size and effective cooling, which makes it suitable for confined locations and facilitates rapid freezing. Even though the freezer had minor cosmetic flaws upon arrival, like dents and scratches, some users nevertheless felt that it functioned well. Others praised its roomy interior, programmable temperature controls, and energy-efficient construction, which made it an important addition to their homes. This freezer appears to provide reliable performance and decent value for its low price point despite the occasional exterior heat.


In order to meet your needs for frozen storage, the KRIB BLING Chest Freezer 5.0 cu.ft Mini Adjustable 7 Thermostat Compact Deep Freezer offers an appealing combination of a small footprint, a sizable capacity, and different temperature settings. Despite some small cosmetic concerns that some customers reported after delivery, its performance and general satisfaction make it a valuable addition to your house or place of business. This freezer offers outstanding value for your money at a fair price point, and the good customer feedback further supports its reliability.

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