KUPPET 2-in-1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser Review

KUPPET 2-in-1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Cooler

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser/Cooler  (1022101000) is a multifunctional unit with a daily ice making capacity of 36 pounds with a powerful, efficient and quiet compressor and is able to get your 9 ice cubes ready within just 6 to 13 minutes, depending on the size you choose (small or large).

You can purchase this Kuppet Ice Maker/Water Cooler in either black, red or silver colors, all of which with the same price tag.  It has a unique water cooler/dispenser design that supplies ice cubes or cold water at demand and quickly. The modern, powerful and efficient compressor ensures quiet operation with very low noise at a maximum of 38 decibels when it is doing cycles or making and dropping ice.

Kuppet 2-in-1 Water Cooler is compact and portable with the measurements of only 9.9 x 15.3 x14.3 inches. You can fit it on your kitchen countertop and move it anywhere easily. As an ETL certified unit it met certain design and performance standards before going out on the market. And it comes with the built-in security functions like the Auto Overflow Protection. It will basically turn itself automatically when it runs out of water and the ice sensor will stop when the ice bucket is full, and there won’t be any overflowing.

KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker

With a voltage of 115V and 60Hz of frequency it is suitable for use in North America. You can use the ice it makes in your cold beverages, smoothies, iced food and as emergency ice. It has a high speed exhaust fan that ensures faster dissipation of heat, to help with better refrigeration. The evaporator helps with quick ice production and the water drip tray is good for supporting the cups or ice containers you put on it. The ice basket has an ice capacity of 1.3 pounds or 0.6 kg.

The LED-backlit control panel is easy to operate with the touch buttons of Timer, Select, Ice, Water and On/Off. You can choose your ice cube size, small or large and the cubes are hard and dense in both forms and will melt slower than normal. And your cold beverages will be cooled without the taste being diluted. The warning lights and auto shut-off functions are great and you’ll never experience under-fills or overflows that are common problems with some other brand and model ice makers. Kuppet Appliances have a range of products in small and large appliances with a focus on safety, innovation, environmentalism and intelligence. Overall you’re getting pretty decent value for the dollar.

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