Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 7L Water Tank & 6 Wash Programs Review

Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher

kwasyo countertop dishwasher

White Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher is a modern kitchen appliance with a 7-liter built-in water tank, 6 wash programs, three dimensional cyclone spray and air dry function. You’ll get the faucet adapter included in the package.

It offers you two water inlet options for hooking it up to the kitchen faucet and pouring water directly into the water reservoir through the top. You can use it basically anywhere you have access to a power outlet, with the convenience and flexibility unlike with a large conventional dishwasher. The water pipe installation is straightforward with the location fixed. There is an auto water level indicator that tells you when you get to the right water level.

The 6 dishwashing programs on this multifunctional dishwasher are Quick wash for 25 mins, Standard for 38 mins, Heavy for 45 mins, Fruit wash for 8 mins, Baby bottle for 30 mins and Self-cleaning cycle for 20 mins. These are for your different needs with different grease amount and cleaning difficulty. It is quite a capable appliance with a high pressure water flow and 360-degree rotating spray arm, helping get rid of the stubborn grease easily. You have both the upper and lower body spray arms on this dishwasher and the spray height is up to 7 meters as compared to the 4.5 meters on the similar models and it promises to clean without any residues left.

White Kwasyo Countertop Dishwasher weighs 17.6 pounds and measures 18.9 x 18.31 x 18.11 inches. It is actually a multifunctional three-in-one unit that works as a dishwasher, storage cabinet and disinfection cabinet. You can store your tableware in it for quite a while as fresh air will be circulated for ten minutes each hour and there won’t be any unwanted smells. With the 360-degree rotating spray arm that goes up and down all the corners and spots inside will be covered. With the integrated double heaters and rinsing with the 72 degree Celsius hot water you’ll have water vapor at high temp filling the interior and you have the cleaning and disinfecting of dishes done at the same time.

There is an LCD-backlit display that shows you the time left and the progress of the dish washing.  The wash times are not long on this compact dishwasher considering the 2 to 3 hours usual wash times on the conventional dishwashers. And if you choose the Quick option it will not only wash in 25 mins but also use much less water than you would when youkwasyo portable countertop dishwasher 7L wash by hand. It will help you save on both water consumption and time. About 7 liters of water will be used per each cycle of dishwashing. You can relax after your meals and let this little dishwasher do the heavy work for you.

You’ll find an interior light that will come on when you press any key on the panel and it will turn off automatically after only a minute. And you do not need to worry about any power consumption. Please press the Start/Pause button before opening the door as high pressure hot water may splash out. It has a Child Lock function that works by pressing the Drain + Drying buttons to lock the display and press the same buttons to unlock. Depending on the Wash program you choose it will consume between 0.23Kwh and 1.31Kwh of electricity and the water consumed will be between 1.5 and 7liters.

It even has the anti-clogging function with a funnel inside filtering the big residues and preventing any clogging in the water pipes. And you can remove that for easy cleaning. You don’t need to put much detergent in and you can use it once or twice a day to clean all your daily dirty dishes, cups and cutleries. It is a convenient, multifunctional dishwasher that is suitable for use by singles, couples or small families. It became available at only on March 9, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews yet. You can always email the customer service team for any queries you may have, like when you can’t work out the installation etc. All dishwashers go out on the market after being tested thoroughly and there may be a little bit of water residue left.

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