LifePlus DBJ-45 Stainless Steel 100lbs/24H Commercial Ice Maker Review

LifePlus DBJ-45 Stainless Steel 100lb Commercial Ice Maker

LifePlus Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 100lbs- 24H

LifePlus DBJ-45 is a stainless steel commercial level freestanding ice maker with a large 100-pound daily ice making capacity. It can be used both as an under counter or standalone ice machine with its beautiful modern design. The date it was first available at is May 26, 2021.

It has a 33lb. capacity ice storage bin and is ideal for use in home and office kitchens, coffee shops and bars. You can make lots of ice quickly and efficiently for your daily home or business- commercial use. There won’t be any need to go out and get ice all the time when you run out with the large 100lb. ice production capacity per 24 hours. The machine will stop making ice when the ice storage bin goes above the 33 pounds of ice capacity limit when you don’t need ice for a bit, thanks to the overflow protection function.

The thickness of the ice cubes is conveniently adjustable with the + and – buttons through the LED-backlit display of this user friendly ice machine. The longer an ice making cycle is, the thicker the ice cubes will be. There is a blue LED light button to lighten up the interior for you to view it easily. You can get the ice cubes straight away by the Ice Harvest button and the Auto Cleaning option will clean the ice maker pipes and trays automatically. It weighs 52.97 pounds and has a big capacity but a compact size with the measurements of 16.53L x 14.96W x 29.72H inches, and will work in tight spaces.

LifePlus DBJ-45 Ice Maker Machine is easy to set up as you just take it out of its box, hook up the water inlet and tap through the tube, connect the floor drain and plug in the power plug for a new beginning. It will offer you plenty of ice in a single batch and throughout the day without making much noise. And it will not disturb you, people in the house or customers at the shop. It has a 24-hour timer that lets you set it on Auto On/Off whenever you want. And the Add Water and Ice Full indicators will tell you when it needs you to put water in or the basket is full with the built-in sensors.

LifePlus Commercial Ice Maker Machine Stainless Steel

The compressor has the 280-watt power (120V AC, 60Hz) and can be plugged into any standard outlets. The exterior has three layers of harm-free plastic wall, foam insulation layer and stainless steel shell. It is a flexible ice maker in terms of water supply too, as you can use a water bottle on top or connect it to the tap water. The electric cord is 6 feet long. In the package you will find the LifePlus Ice Maker, a 59.06-inch water supply hose with connector, a 35.43-inch water drain hose, an ice spoon, a PTFE tape and the instructions manual.

LifePlus DBJ-45 is different to the other under counter commercial ice machines with its multi application use scenarios, and quick and efficient ice production. It is an ETL certified product, meaning the components and the parts are in line with the established standards. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer. It is a compact but powerful and efficient ice making machine that can produce up to 100 pounds of pellet ice cubes every 24 hours (45 trays a batch). LifePlus Ice Machine is nowhere as expensive as some of the commercial ice makers on the market and will save you from buying ice all the time. It is sturdy and durable with an advanced technology that has gone through many tests, inspection and enhancement before getting out on the market.

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