LINODI Adjustable Foldable FID Weight Bench Review

LINODI Adjustable Foldable FID Weight Bench

LINODI Adjustable Weight Bench

LINODI Adjustable Weight Bench is a number one new release, multi-functional, foldable, FID resistance training workout bench for home gym use at a very reasonable price. It has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 6 happy users at the moment.

As an adjustable FID workout bench it can be used in flat, incline and decline positions. The build quality is decent with a 4mm heavy-duty thick solid steel frame and a triangular structure and a total weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. The forefoot and the hind rods are very thick with a diameter of 2.4 inches and 16.7″ and 11.8″ length. It feels very stable when you do any kind of workout on it. There are two square steel tubes with an inch width each and with twice the braced force.

It has an upgraded ergonomic design for you to feel comfortable during your session. You have the two x 1-inch thick, very dense and resilient foam roller sets (upper and lower that you see in the photos). They will provide protection for your knees by filling the space behind them and also increase your workout productivity. You can have more natural postures on this ergonomic bench with plenty of support and comfort, with the reduced fatigue and strain.

There are 8 backrest positions that you can adjust easily and quickly without needing to remove any pins. You can work on your whole body, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abdominals, back and leg. A weight bench is an important part of any resistance training workout routine. The faux leather cover is good quality, sweat and waterproof and comfortable. Linodi Weight Bench measures 45 x 43.7 x 16.7 inches as assembled and 31.5 x 10.2 x 16.7 inches as folded. The backrest measures 29.5 x 11.8 inches and offers good support to your body and the seat is 14.6 x 12 inches.

LINODI Adjustable Foldable Weight Bench

It is very easy to fold in just seconds and you will save up to 85% of space. You can lift it by holding the steel in the middle that works as a handle and put it under your bed, in your closet or in another convenient spot. Premium leather, double needle sewing cushion, hemming craft and self-locking hex nuts are used on this great weight bench. You can use dumbbells, barbells, straps or just your body weight.

It is a very stable and comfortable bench with the long and wide front and back mounted grabs for stability. You can do your sit ups, reverse flies, crunches, incline dumbbell presses, dumbbell arm rows, leg curls and more. Please note that the seat is not adjustable to different angles, but the backrest has 8 different positions. You’ll get an open wrench included in the box and you can just use that to tighten a few screws and the assembly is done. It is shipped pretty quickly via and you should receive it within 2 to 5 days. You can return it within 90 days if not happy for whatever reason and the customer support is reported to be quite good.

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