Loctek U2 Magnetic Recumbent Under Desk Exercise Bike Review

Loctek U2 Under Desk Exercise Bike via Amazon

Loctek U2 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Under Desk

Loctek U2 is a magnetic recumbent exercise bike for those that sit at a desk in the office most of the day or anyone with a sedentary lifestyle if they want to exercise while they’re working. It includes full functionality of a decent stationary bike like a balanced flywheel and a V-belt drive for it to run silently, a three piece high-torque crank system for smooth riding experience every single time, 1 to 8 resistance levels that can be adjusted through the tension knob from very easy to more challenging. This is a magnetic recumbent exercise bike which is actually semi-recumbent so it is easy to get on and off and it is comfy with a large cushioned seat and backrest and very large pedals with safety foot straps and anyone between 5’1” and 6’2” height can easily use this unit. Black Loctek U2 has a semi-foldable design for it to be easily moved and stored in a good corner of your home and when you unfold it, feels quite safe to ride with the leg stabilisers underneath and its heavy duty build with steel frame as it can have a maximum user weight of 240 pounds.

Loctek U2 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Under Desk

It weighs 50 pounds as a heavy duty bike and measures 29 x 18 x 30 inches so it is fairly compact with a small footprint. You can adjust it vertically between 30 to 38 inches for different heights and desk height so you can exercise when you’re working- work in a lot more active mode on this stationary bike that fits nicely under your desk and move your larger leg muscles and work on your core at the same time. We can not see an LCD panel or computer that shows the standard indicators like speed, time, distance and calories burned etc. but we’re not sure as we don’t have the bike on hand (it is specified on product specs on one of the shopping sites). It is certainly a few steps up from being sedentary at a desk all day long in the office and will give you some exercise and will help you burn certain amount of calories but not sure if it will replace a good old gym workout session- of course this will depend on what you do at the gym and what results you’re expecting, in terms of building muscles, strengthening and toning. You can choose to get up and stretch or go for a walk in your breaks and with this one you can continue working if you have a lot of work to do and exercise at the same time. It will be for some people, but obviously not for everyone and you’re probably clear about what purpose this exercise bike serves.

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