Magic Mill MFD6000 6 Tray Food Dehydrator and MFD6100 Review

Magic Mill MFD6000 6 Tray Food Dehydrator and MFD6100

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

White Magic Mill MFD6000 is the new 6 tray capacity 400 watt power food dehydrator with electronic display control panel and includes two silicone mitts as a bonus. You also have the option on the product page to get the MFD6100 model that is twenty percent more expensive at the time of this review, is offered in black colour and comes with stainless steel trays instead of solid plastic but they are basically the same efficient model. You can have as much as a pound of ingredients to be dried on each tray and with improved design the airflow is horizontal from back to front and dries everything evenly on each tray- equal heat distribution. You have the On and Off button in the middle, timer on the left and temperature on the right to set the temperature between 95 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit and you can dry your ingredients exactly the way you want, precisely. You can for example set the time and temperature before going to bed at night and have the dried food ready in the morning. You don’t have to interrupt the dehydration process thanks to the transparent cover and you can keep track of the dehydration progress. You will find the sample packets of jerky spice and cure so you can use chicken, seafood and red meat to make great jerky.

Magic Mill MFD6100 Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill Dehydrator weighs 14.7 pounds, with the measurements of 12 x 17 x 19 inches, is quite large inside with a dehydration capacity of a total of 6 pounds at the same time. It is easy to operate and you can dehydrate a variety of foods on its mesh type solid plastic trays and the flavours and smells won’t mix. Whatever food you decide to dry, you will not only enjoy healthier and tastier snacks, they will also last longer with extended shelf life of foods, without going off. And when you’re done with dehydrating it is easy enough to clean and mesh sheets would be better for fruits and veggies and if you are dehydrating something juicy paper may be a good idea. It dehydrates foods very quickly and heat stays inside so it does not heat up the kitchen like some other models may and you often get nice firm texture. You can get fruits and veggies when they are in season and cheap, dehydrate and keep them for much longer and consume them out of season and you don’t have to throw away fruits and veggies when you can’t use them quickly and you can even make pet food or dog treats from real natural stuff. It includes a user manual that is easy to understand and may be a good idea to have a look before using it and the warranty is 12 months for labor and parts if you need it or if anything happens within a year.

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