Marvel ML15BCG1RB Beverage Center, Black Frame Glass Door, Right Hinge Review

Marvel ML15BCG1RB Beverage Center

Marvel ML15BCG1RB Beverage Center

Black Marvel ML15BCG1RB is a brand new, stainless steel 15 inch wide and 35 cubic feet capacity, slim beverage center with a sleek and modern design. This specific model has a right hinge on the glass door with black frame and you can choose one with the left hinge, in black or stainless steel, and for indoor or outdoor use.

So this is the ML15BCG1RB model with “Smooth Black Frame Glass Door and Right Hinge”. It weighs 105 pounds and measures 23.7 x 14.9 x 34.8 inches- is a slim, free standing type unit that you can put pretty much anywhere in your house. It has a capacity of storing 35 x 12-oz cans and 5 x wine bottles.

The temperature range is between 34 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. And it has the Dynamic Cooling Technology that ensures quick cooldown and the temperature stays stable. The cabinet is properly insulated and thermal-efficient, which means the interior temperature stays cool at all times. This helps with energy efficiency and optimal food preservation. And in fact, the company claims it to be the most stable fridge in the industry.

And the dual pane glass on the door is tinted and ultraviolet resistant so your wines are protected from the damaging UV lights. Marvel Beverage Center has two glass shelves that are cantilevered and totally adjustable. You can adjust the glass shelves easily, to make up space for taller or bigger stuff. It has a midnight black interior and there are white LED lights at two levels and they help you see your beverages and snacks easily. This is an auto defrost (frost-free) model so you do not need to defrost it manually.

Marvel ML15BCG1RS Beverage Center

Other features include the Star-K Certified Vacation/Sabbath mode to help with energy saving when the unit is not in use, Energy Star rating, close door assist hinge system that shuts the door automatically but slowly. You will get the visual and audible alarms when the door is left open so there is no energy wasting and your foods are protected. You can adjust the height of the fridge up to an inch, with the leveling legs. It comes with a year warranty by the manufacturer.

*Marvel first appeared in the industry with the under counter iceboxes 84 years ago. But it actually has been in the business of premium appliances for more than three centuries, as part of the AGA Rangemaster. These days they have a wide range of great quality and innovative cooking and refrigeration products. The one we’re reviewing on this page is the  ML15BCG1RB- “Smooth Black Frame Glass Door + Right Hinge”.

Left hinge version of the same fridge is the ML15BCG1LB model. Then you have the option to get the ML15BCG1RS with the “Stainless Frame Glass Door, and Right Hinge” or the ML15BCG1LS with left hinge. ML15BCF2RP and ML15BCF2LP are the “Panel Overlay Frame Glass Door” with right or left hinge. “Solid Panel Overlay Ready Door with left hinge” is the ML15BCP2LP model and the right hinge of the same model is the ML15BCP2LP model.

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