MengK 1400W High Speed Pro Food Processor Blender Review

MengK 1400W High-Speed Professional Blender 

MengK 1400W High Speed Electric Professional Blender

MengK Professional Blender is a 67 oz. XL capacity food processor with a 1400 watt power motor to perform a variety of tasks including blending, grinding, mixing, juicing and crushing at different speeds from low to high. So it is a complete food processor that can make smoothies, hot and creamy soups, frozen desserts and drinks, crush ice or frozen fruits in just seconds, grind different types of grains, make spreads, thick dips, mayonnaise or chunky nut butter, mix sticky cookie dough and cake batter, juice raw whole veggies and fruits in its 67 ounce vertical shaped pitcher.

MengK Blender is designed for both commercial and home kitchen use with the 6 total crushing stainless steel blades and a 2 horsepower 1400W motor that lets you work with five different speeds between 6000 to a maximum of 25000. It has a very solid, sturdy and shockproof commercial grade metal base and a safety switch button, along with an easy to understand and manage control panel with on/off button, pulse functions, speed dial for slowing down and speeding up. Anything that is in touch with food or ingredients, including the transparent blender jar is made of BPA-free material. And it includes an ergonomic black handle that is anti-slip and drop-proof as well as a soft rubber lid that is user-friendly and seals very nicely, helps prevent leaking and the unit and your bench stays clean.

MengK 1400W High Speed Electric Pro Blender

67 oz. is quite large and is equal to 8 cups to prepare foods for the whole family. The efficient crushing sharp blades are made of solid stainless steel and there are the stainless steel bearing and heat radiation. It is very simple to clean after you’re done with blending, as all you need to do it fill the jar half with warm water with a tiny bit of detergent and run it for a couple of minutes. It comes with certain security features so you can have a peace of mind, including the auto shutoff feature with gravity switch when the current gets to 15 amperes and you will find four rubber plankets to keep the unit stable during the operation.

MengK Food Processor is a powerful versatile blender that process stems, seeds, skins of a variety of fruits and vegetables and very tough ingredients and crushes ice easily and gives you very smooth juices and mixtures. It is a reliable product with a premium and heavy-duty feel with great quality components, weighs 9.7 lbs with the dimensions of 8.9 x 7.8 x 19.7 inches and with an upright design, it won’t take a lot of space on your kitchen counter. When you put very tough ingredients in it may feel a little slow or not so good at first, use the pulse button and it will get better. It will get shipped very nicely in a solid package and each part labeled so you know what goes where and how to use it properly. Customer reviews are very positive online and it scores 5 out of 5 stars at the time of this review. It is offered with a very generous warranty of three years and even a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason and the warranty includes email and phone customer support to make your life easier.

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