MicroFridge All Refrigerator & Microwave Combo Appliance Review

MicroFridge All Refrigerator & Microwave Combo 

MicroFridge All Refrigerator & Microwave Combo Appliance

The new generation MicroFridge 2.3MF4-7D1W Fridge and Microwave Combo is a combination unit that is made up of a fully functional 2.3 cubic feet capacity refrigerator and 0.7 cubic feet microwave oven with a 700 watt power basic microwave, bracketed together securely in a space saving design. They are connected together to a power outlet with a single patented Safe Plug for both so you don’t have many cables lying around and include a 1st Defense Internal Smoke Sensor that is pending for a patent and will help you avoid fire alarms going off with no reason, so security is a priority here. There is even a convenient USB charging station on the unit to charge up to three devices- you have two USB ports and a regular 3prong outlet. It is offered in stainless steel, black or white, weighs 70.5 pounds in total and measures 36 x 19 x 20 inches in total and if you open the fridge door at 90 degrees you will have a depth of 37 inches. The single plug solution on this combination unit is user friendly, helps avoid clutter with less cables as the blue plug on the fridge plugs into the blue power outlet at the rear of the microwave and this is a more power efficient solution as it consumes about half the electricity.

MicroFridge All Refrigerator & Microwave Combo Appliance

Safe Plug means both the microwave and the fridge will be protected from any circuit overloads. There are a total of four non-adjustable shelves including a section at the bottom for your fruits and veggies in the refrigerator, a can holder / storage and a wine bottle holder. Microwave has 700 watts of power which would be adequate for a basic microwave that will do the job and the whole unit has 120 Volts of voltage and 60 Hz of frequency. Temperature is adjustable on the fridge, includes an interior light for your convenience and the levelling legs are also adjustable.  It is not shipped totally assembled and you need to do some assembly by using a screwdriver and following the instructions manual. It is a UL listed product for safe operation, is Energy Star compliant meaning it will consume less power than normal and the warranty included is two years for parts by the manufacturer. MicroFridge brand belongs to Intirion Corporation and the first fridge / freezer / microwave combo goes back to 1987 and the main purpose was to have a combination unit with a space saving design for small places like college dorm rooms and to avoid the circuit overloads.Both the fridge and the microwave are reported to run relatively quietly and overall this is a great quality, functional and sturdy product that we recommend, at a fair price.

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