MILcea Countertop Electric Ice Maker, 26lb. Daily Capacity & Self-Cleaning Review

MILcea 26lb. Countertop Electric Ice Maker

milcea ice maker

MILcea HK23001 is a modern, countertop style ice maker machine that can produce 9 bullet shaped ice cubes within 6 to 10 mins for a total of 26 pounds of ice per 24 hours. It has the auto self-cleaning function that makes it easy to keep it clean.

You’ll get an ice basket and a scoop for easily transferring the ice to your fridge freezer for later use or straight into your drinks. Please note that there is no built-in compressor on this ice maker and the ice cubes will melt gradually despite the decent insulation inside. It is suitable for home use, for yourself and family or when you’re entertaining guests and in parties. You will not have to drive to the shops to grab ice and have to pay for it every single time you need ice.

Red Milcea Ice Maker is a good quality, popular small appliance with an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 421 users at the time of this product review. You’ll get 9 bullet shaped solid ice cubes within even 6-7 mins with this efficient and quick ice machine. The maximum total ice production capacity is specified as 26 pounds per day. The ice cubes it makes are chewable and tasty and great for different purposes. There is a 2-liter reservoir underneath the ice basket for also keeping the water from the melted ice for making new ice.

MILcea Ice Maker has a decent powerful compressor- 21g R600a refrigerant and good quality copper aluminum fin condensor. It freezes quickly, runs quietly at a noise level of less than 50 decibels and uses up as little energy as possible. You can run it all day long and you’ll not get disturbed by its noise. The only time you’ll hear anything is when the ice cubes are dropped into the basket. You can choose from two ice cube sizes of small and large and they are round and smooth, bullet shaped ice that you can use in your kitchens, bars, offices, parties etc.

Red MILcea HK23001 Ice Machine weighs 16.96 pounds and measures 14.6 x 13.2 x 10.2 inches, looks nice and can have a permanent spot on your kitchen counter if you have enough space. You get into the auto self-cleaning function by pressing and holding the Clean button for about 3 seconds when the ice maker is in stand by mode. You can adjust the cleaning time (normally 10 mins) through the control panel as well. There is a drain plug at the bottom to milcea ice maker 26lb. 9 bullet iceempty the unused water easily. You are recommended to replace the water every 24 hours to keep it clean.

Add Water indicator lights up when the reservoir is running out of water and you need to add some more water and the Ice Full indicator is when the ice basket is full and needs to be emptied before the machine continues to make more cycles. You can view the ice making process clearly through the transparent window without needing to lift the lid. And by not opening it you will keep the interior ambient temperature. The ice cubes will be fresh and tasty consistently but it is a good idea to run it for a couple of cycles before using the ice cubes. Just like the water you drink it is a good idea to use pure filtered water in this unit, rather than tap water.

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