Milwaukee 2493-22 M12 12-volt 3/8 In. Lithium-ion Cordless Drill/driver Hackzall Combo Kit Review

Milwaukee 2493-22 Cordless Drill and Hackzall Saw via Amazon

Milwaukee 2493-22 M12 12-volt 3:8 In. Lithium-ion Cordless Drill:driver Hackzall Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2493-22 is a new release two tool cordless combo kit of a 3/8 in. drill driver and a Hackzall reciprocating saw, that runs on an M12 12-volt lithium ion battery (two batteries are provided) for easy and convenient all day work. The drill driver has the capacity to offer torque of up to 275 in. lbs at as much as 1500rpm spindle speed for quick completion of tasks like driving fasteners way faster than competitors with longer run-time and the saw with up to 3000 SPM- strokes per minute for optimal performance using the reciprocating saw blade or high performance Hackzall blades so you can cut stuff like wood, metal, sprinkler pipe, palms and more better and faster. So what you get in the box is the saw, drill driver, two batteries, a half an hour charger for fast and longer running power so you can reach your tools whenever you need them and a nice red and black heavy duty carrying- contractor bag which you can put your tools in for quick transport. The longer lasting and reliable Redlithium batteries are designed to give you more run-time, power and torque than other tool batteries and much lighter and smaller than the competitive Nicad batteries.

Milwaukee 2493-22 M12 12-volt 3:8 In. Lithium-ion Cordless Drill:driver

Black and red Milwaukee 2493-22 weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 18 x 9.8 x 4.1 inches- both units are small and lightweight. The drill and the Hackzall saw are very good quality and offer great power and functionality despite being lightweight (especially the hack saw), and deliver good performance and you mostly will not need more advanced multi-functional tools in your cutting and drilling jobs- wide variety of tasks in construction, plumbing, electrical and home repair. You can get into tighter areas easier thanks to its compact size and you don’t feel as much fatigue after a long task due to its lightweight. It has an integrated LED light to illuminate your working area and the battery-power gauge shows the remaining runtime and you do not have to worry about the waste and cost of disposable batteries. Although this is a fairly new set the product reviews by customers are very positive and it looks like you will be getting impressive performance for the compact size and lightweight and the lower price level concerned. Attention to detail, high build quality, great power, compact size, long battery life and quick charging, versatility make this set one of the best value cordless tools you can have. Please note that these two units- drill and the saw don’t have brushless motors, fuel series of Milwaukee have the brushless. Warranty offered is five years for tools and two years for battery by Milwaukee.

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