MoJo Water Denali BottleLess Water Cooler, MW1-SS Review

MoJo Water Denali BottleLess Cooler, MW1-SS 

Denali MoJo BottleLess Water Cooler

MoJo Water MW1-SS Denali is a brand new design bottle-less water cooler “point of use cooler” that is designed to get the water you already have in your house, office, gym, waiting room etc., purify it exceptionally with the built-in water purifier and give you the best tasting cold or hot water instantly. The distance between the drip tray and the nozzle is 10 3/4 inches so you can fit in a variety of bottles, glasses, and carafes. You have the two sealed all stainless steel cold and hot water reservoirs that heat and cool the water way quicker, that lasts much longer and to keep the water tasting pure and delicious. 

You will get your instant hot water through the red nozzle on the left and includes a child resistance faucet built-in as you can see on the photos and will help protect your kids from burning themselves. It has the capacity to offer you 25 x 6-ounce cups of cold water each hour and can be comfortably used by up to 30 people and needs to be near a regular electric outlet. There is a good quality and quiet 1.7A LG compressor at the back, cold water is dispensed at the optimal temperature of 40 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit and will be refreshing on those hot days and the hot water is fixed at 185 degrees. You’re also given the flexibility to adjust the temperature through the built-in thermostat. And hot water is hot enough for your coffee, hot chocolate, tea, instant soup, and porridge. You can choose to turn off the hot water function on the back if you want to save on electricity or as better child protection. 

Denali MW1-SS BottleLess Water Cooler

MoJo Water Bottleless Cooler looks good in stainless steel and black, has a round shape, weighs 36 pounds and measures 40 x 12 x 12.5 inches- is the comfortable height but may work better with a stand underneath. The cabinet is black at the front, bottom and top and made of solid ABS plastic and stainless steel, is actually quite pretty to look at and should fit in any decor nicely. As a UL certified product, it meets the safety standards that are nationally recognized and the Energy Star certification means it consumes less electricity than competitors- only 1.2 kWh per day. In the box, you will get an installation kit (is easy to install) and 1,200 Gal. high water capacity purification system- twist-off filtration. This filtration is very easy to use with the cartridge replacement taking only seconds and helps decrease the bad odors, cysts, chlorine and lead in water. 

To help you put it together easily you’re provided with easy to follow instructions on paper and videos on the internet and you will get a setup kit of 25’ of food-grade, flexible ¼ inch waterway and a stainless steel saddle valve that is free of lead. There is no indicator that shows when the time is near or up but on the intro video you are recommended to change it once or twice a year and will depend on how often the unit is used and by how many people: If more than 10, change it every six months and if less than 10 then change it every twelve months or so. This is something we highly recommend as a great alternative to the standard water coolers with heavy bottles and the hassle of loading them. It is solid and sturdy enough to be used by many people in an office environment and offers filtration at a high level, hot water is hot enough for coffee and cold water is quite cold. Customer service offered is pretty good- both via live chat online and by phone support desk.

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