Molla AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer 78210 Review

Molla AirSmart Air Fryer 78210 via Amazon

Molla AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer

Molla AirSmart 78210 is a dynamic air fryer that allows frying without using any oil and quickly with the “AirSmart Rapid Air Circulation Technology”- same texture and taste as fried: Moist and tender inside and crispy outside. It has two black dials, the intuitive timer knob in the front middle that can be set up to 30 minutes and the temperature knob that lets you select the temperature between 180 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit and two LED lights for heating and power on. Due to the frying efficiency and speed, it will help you save on energy and time if you’re cooking last minute or if you’re in a hurry. It looks modern and appealing enough in black and silver, is lightweight as it weighs 5 pounds and measures 12.8 x 12.8 x 14.2 inches but it is probably something you want to store away as it will occupy some space on your counter and there is quite a bit of an area on the frying basket and it is something you will want to use quite often. The way the “Rapid Air Circulation Technology” works is it heats up the air inside the container and quickly circulates it for even cooking with the right taste and texture without needing to put any oil in at all so you don’t have to feel any guilt over your crispy fried food that tastes just like cooked in oil. You’ll see the chart for cooking times and temperature for different foods on the instructions manual provided and it comes with the automatic shutoff feature and alarm when it is done with cooking.

Molla AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer 78210

There are a variety of things you can do with this air fryer, you can fry and bake pretty much anything with different sauces and flavours, including chicken wings, fish fingers, chicken drumsticks and breasts, steak, any cut of meat, hamburgers, home made delicious kabobs, you can make grilled cheese, muffin and cake (by using a baking pan) so it offers you a fair amount of flexibility despite being a compact low cost air fryer. It is a device that will help those that don’t have chef abilities, as all they need to do is put the food in the basket in the pan without exceeding the max indication as the quality of the food can be affected badly, set the timer and temperature and in a short period of time you have your tasty food with nice texture and there won’t be much mess and obviously zero grease as you will be cooking with no oil. It is quite easy to clean as the pan and basket are non-stick and you can simply wipe clean the exterior and remove the pan and the basket and put them in the dishwasher. There aren’t any digital controls on it but it is easy to operate and the concept is also quite simple as it is a lot like a little regular oven with much higher power and the ability to circulate air throughout and cooking your ingredients evenly in a shorter period of time, leaving the outside crisp and inside tender and juicy. It scores 4.8 / 5 out of 10 customer reviews on as of today and the reviews are mostly very positive. Just make sure you do not touch the pan during or after cooking as it gets very hot but the outside stays cool and it runs relatively quietly without disturbing conversation or your TV or music.

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