Montel Williams’ Six Pack Abs System Review

Montel Williams’ “Six Pack Abs” Ab Exercise

Montel Williams Six Pack Abs

Montel Williams’ Six Pack Abs is the new technology FDA approved ab exercise system which is bascially a muscle stimulating pad to tone, strengthen and tighten muscles of both women and men with advanced wireless electric impulse technology- EMS, which works with battery power and comes with a battery that is rechargeable with a cable. It is claimed to give you great abs by just a few minutes of use every day with focused stimulation of your ab muscles for firm and defined core area. The way EMS works is the very solid, conductive, thin and soft built-in electrodes will transmit signals- safe and gentle pulses to the core muscles (upper, middle and lower abs and obliques at the same time) so they heat up and contract, just like when you do ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups but the difference with this one is you will not experience any pain but you will certainly feel the work done on your muscles. It comes with a pack of fix reusable sticky super adhesive gel pads, each of which can be used in as many as 30 sessions.

Montel Williams Six Pack Abs System

Montel Williams’ Six Pack Abs is very simple to use by a simple push of a button after putting on your core area and is designed only for your abdominals and you may want to have a look at the “6 Pack Body” if you wish to work on muscles of your body other than abs including your legs and buttocks. The battery is USB rechargeable and can be adjusted conveniently through the + and – touch buttons in the middle for up to 15 different levels of intensity, will work for anyone at any fitness level- beginner, intermediate or advanced and the great thing about it is you can use it while sitting at your desk in the office, when sitting on the couch and watching TV, lying down on bed or travelling as it is quite lightweight, compact and portable and apparently you do not have to do any of the ab exercises which may sound not so possible to be true and what we have on hand is some positive user reviews verifying that it really works. According to a couple of customers that bought and used this ab unit, you’ll feel it working as it will engage your whole core area- lower abs, mid-section and upper abs, and there is even an auto timer to let you know when a section is completed.

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