Mophorn Vevor Cotton Candy Machine with Bubble Cover Review

Mophorn Vevor Cotton Candy Machine

Mophorn Vevor Cotton Candy Machine

Pink Mophorn Vevor Cotton Candy Machine is an electric unit that comes with a stainless steel tray and a bubble cover, for both home and commercial use. What this commercial cotton candy maker does is change the hard sugar into a candy floss. It is ideal for different parties, carnivals, festivals, sporting events, fundraisers, and charities.

You can get the cotton candy machine on its own, just the bubble cover or the cotton candy machine with the bubble cover as you will see on the Amazon product page. It has a 30-watt power compact motor with a 1000-watt heating rated power (voltage is 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz). On the display panel, you will see a white voltmeter, Insurance / Fuse button, a white temperature dial and an On and Off button. It can work non-stop with the yield is specified as 1/30 sec and an output of up to 7 servings of cotton candy per minute. You can put your sugar, scoops, cones or other small items on the built-in stainless steel tray for storage.

Before starting to use it please just wipe down and clean your metal bowl. Vevor Cotton Candy Maker is easy enough to operate as all you do is switch the unit on, let it warm up for about five minutes, put the sugar in and the unit will start making the cotton candy for you and you may start collecting it. At the bottom of the bowl, you will see small brackets with clamps to attach to the main unit. Use the red On/Off switch to turn it on and off and the metal piece at the top will start spinning. Turn the temperature dial all the way up till the voltage shows 110 and when you start a string coming out of the unit and you turn it down- readjust the knob.

vevor cotton candy maker

You can turn off the red switch and if the temperature knob is still on, there will be heat on the spinning apparatus. By the power stabilization this way you will save on power usage when you’re making candy too. So you can continue making cones by adding more sugar. Once you’re done making the cotton candy cone, you turn off the switch and the heat knob back to zero. You need to clean the inside of the bowl and you can store it somewhere convenient. 

It is easy to clean and maintain as it comes with a stainless steel pan and scoop that helps refill the sugar into the whirl-about. The Vevor Cotton Candy Maker weighs 29 pounds and measures 21.3 x 21.3 x 17.7 inches. This is a CE (Conformité Européene) certified product, which means it conforms to the European Market. The integrated fuse and the electric leakage protection switch make it a safe product to use. It also includes a volt and a temperature controller and a display meter. The surface is super glossy and no candy will stick on it. It is a reasonably priced cotton candy maker with a good quality build and that makes cotton candy very fast and non-stop in large amounts. And you may even consider starting a small cotton candy business.

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