Morning Star XL -12-Slice Countertop Digital Infrared Convection Toaster Oven 250-ITO Review

Morning Star 250-ITO Infrared Convection Toaster Oven

Morning Star - Extra Large -12-Slice Countertop Digital Infrared Convection Toaster Oven

Morning Star 250-ITO is a very large capacity, stainless steel, countertop style, state of the art, digital convection toaster oven with the lightning infrared technology, that can fit in 12 regular slices of bread and can cook stuff as much as 40% quicker than the regular toaster ovens. It is a high-end unit with a premium feel and appearance and is suitable for both home and office use. The 12 slice capacity is the biggest currently available on and can also comfortably fit in a whole chicken or a 12-inch pizza.

You can select one of the preset options and it will cook evenly and quickly with the convection function and the lightning infrared technology works with the infrared heating elements that will also make sure your ingredients are not dried out. You can set the temperature with the “Selector” dial underneath the LCD display and is very simple to use as you can choose one of the 11 preset settings including bagel, pizza, muffin, chicken, toast, fish, cookies, steak and more. Morning Star 250-ITO is a very large capacity convection toaster oven but it is a good idea to check the measurements of what you intend to cook before purchasing this unit that measures 18.5 x 22.9 x 15.7 inches with an interior cooking area of 15 x 12 x 9 inches and 16.4 pounds of weight. You can certainly put it in a microwave oven space in your cabinet but you need to make sure there are about 10 inches of clearance at the top and 4 inches on the left and right-hand side for ventilation. It includes an interior light that you can turn on and off via the LCD control panel.

Morning Star 12-Slice Countertop Digital Infrared Convection Toaster Oven

The exterior of the oven reaches temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit as you will also see a heat warning label even though it has an insulation between the interior and exterior walls, so you should not put anything on top of the oven. It is easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel exterior front and a non-stick interior. Like most products these days, this is also a “Made in China” item but this is by no means an indication of its build quality as it is thoroughly inspected and conforms to the international product safety requirements. This is a very nice looking stainless steel convection toaster oven with a commercial grade build quality that is easy to use with intuitive controls and gets the job done well and we highly recommend and you should not have any concerns about the brand name and quality. Product reviews on Amazon are very positive and it manages to get a 5-star rating out of 11 ratings on the day of this review. It is offered with a year of limited warranty by the manufacturer and this should give you some peace of mind and the shipping is reported to be very quick via In the box, you will get a baking tray, a detachable crumb tray and a wire rack inside the oven.

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