MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Barbell Set, 66.14 lbs. with Connecting Rod Review

MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Barbell Set, 66.14 lbs.

MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Set 66.14 LBS

MOVTOTOP 66.14lbs Dumbbells Barbell Set is an all-in-one type home strength training product with a connecting rod that is designed for both men and women This popular new release resistance training product is rated an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars by 112 users on the day of this post release.

You can purchase it in two color and design options that you can view at product page and with a ten dollars price difference at the moment. The first one is in black and red and the second is all black. This all-in-one dumbbell & barbell set has a 19.7-inch long connecting rod that helps transform the two dumbbells into a barbell in a matter of seconds. And you do not need to buy separate dumbbells and barbells or weights like you normally would.

You will be able to train different parts of your body including yours chest, back, arms- triceps & biceps, buttocks, glutes, quads, abdominals and more. If you combine this set with a decent cardio equipment for burning calories in your home gym and a healthy eating plan, you will get results faster on your path to a nice and toned body. In this solid and durable set you have the anti-rusting, wear-proof plating iron bar and embossed and frosted weight plates that can resist to elevated temperatures. It is a good quality weights set that is built to last a long time with a sturdy construction for your long term use.

The weight plates in this set are covered with plastic so there won’t be any damage to your floors. It is safer to use with the anti-slip handles on the dumbbells and the barbell. The bump surface improves the friction for a firmer hand grip, making your hands comfortable and safe. The dumbbells will not roll easily on the floor thanks to the side smooth pads. The weights set looks good with a sleek and elegant design, making it even more suitable for use by both men and women. And it appears to be a more user-friendly unit than the conventional dumbbells. Dumbbells barbell set comes with the smooth and thick MOVTOTOP Dumbbells Set 66.14 LBS Barbell Setnuts that are twisted easily and there is nothing that could hurt your hands when you’re putting it together of using it.

You’ll find 16 weight plates of 4 x 5.5lb, 4 x 4.4lb, 4 x 3.3lb and 4 x 2.76lb. for a total of 66.4 pounds, 4 safety nuts and 2 extension bars. You’ll get a pair of dumbbells that can be assembled in just a minute and you’ll have 33 pounds of weight on each one. And according to the tests by the manufacturer, you can have a maximum of 25kg or 55 pounds of weight on each dumbbell. These free weights on dumbbells or barbell can be used for training different muscles on your body. And the easy adjustability of this set is great for use by different people or your own different needs. Please note that this Movtotop Weights Set first appeared at on November 24, 2020. You can contact the 24 hours customer support team for any queries you may have and they’ll get back to you asap.

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