MRO Premium High-Density Exercise Mat Review

MRO Premium High-Density Exercise Mat

MRO Premium Large Exercise Mat

Black MRO Premium Exercise Mat is offered in eight different sizes. The one we’re looking at measures 8′ x 4.5′ with a 7mm thickness. And please see the Amazon product page for the others. They are very dense exercise mats for use on the floor in your home gym. This product first appeared at in April 2020 and the average customer rating is currently a decent 4.9 out of 5 stars by 13 users.

As a very thick and anti-slip, sturdy and durable cardiovascular mat, it can be used for jump ropes, MMA, Plyo, zumba, HIIT, insanity, dance workout, weightlifting, resistance training, stretching, warming up, sit-ups and more on its very wide and large surface. It can also be used as an equipment mat that you can put a treadmill or a power cage on. And you can do your exercises either with bare feet or comfortable shoes as they are shoe-friendly.

The traction is enhanced and you’ll experience a better grip with its anti-slip textured surfaces on both sides. Your feet and hands will not slip during your intense workout session and the mat will stay in place. You can use it on most floors without problems. With the upgraded very dense foam padding the extra cushion will offer comfort for your elbows and knees during your cardio sessions. And you will feel a decent amount of support for your body.

MRO Premium Exercise Mat is very robust and durable and wear and tear resistant and is perfectly suitable for very intense training sessions. It helps reduce any vibrations or noise and offers good floor protection. The premium materials used on these cardio mats are friendly to the environment and non-toxic as they are free of silicone, phthalate and latex. You can clean it easily and roll up through the 3 straps and put it in the carrying bag included in the package.

It is totally safe to use by men and women of all ages and fitness levels, coaches or anyone that works out. You’ll get a very good quality jumping rope and a hundred percent microfiber towel included in the package. It comes with a lifetime service included and in case of any problems or issues you can contact the customer support team. It weighs 21.6 pounds and measures 95.67 x 53.94 x 0.28 inches. You can easily put a power rack or any workout equipment you want on it and it will be perfectly fine.

If you’ll be doing your jumping exercises and you have neighbors downstairs or people in your house, the noise will be reduced and you won’t really disturb anyone. The shock absorption of these mats is also great. They are waterproof and any moisture or sweat going into the mat will be prevented. It will work best on a hard surface but will also be fine on a MRO Premium Large Workout Matcarpet. Depending on the thickness and the surface texture of the carpet it may move very little but this shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

You can put two mats next to each other without any gap in the middle. Both of the surfaces are anti-slip and by wearing shoes you will achieve better slip resistance and your knees and joints will be better protected. As one of the customers commented these mats grip the hard floors like a glue. If you live in a small apartment and you don’t have much space, you can just roll this mat up quickly and store it in a convenient spot. It is a great quality multi-functional mat that you can use for different purposes and we’re more than happy to recommend it. The price is a little high but so are the quality and the functionality.

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