MRP US Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker, ICE702 Review

MRP US ICE702 Stainless Steel Ice Maker 

MRP US Portable Ice Maker Stainless Steel Ice Maker ICE702

MRP US ICE702 is a compact stainless steel ice maker with a modern design for the home, commercial or office use, that has become available on Amazon in January 2017. It is built to last many years with solid and sturdy stainless steel that also makes it look good. It has a large capacity- 2.2-liter water reservoir and the ability to make about 26 to 33 pounds of ice each day or 9 pieces of ice every 9-10 minutes and includes a large ice basket. You can select from three ice cube sizes of small, medium and large in transparent bullet round shape. This is an ETL, FDA, CE and RoHS certified product and includes a compressor type cooler with a refrigerant that is ecologically friendly, that does not cause CFC pollution. It is simple to operate with touch control push buttons and an easy to read and understand LED-backlit status display and runs quietly. There is a see-through window on top that gives you a panoramic view and you can observe the ice making process and the interior is well insulated.

MRP US Portable Ice Maker Stainless Steel Ice Machine ICE702

The built-in smart microprocessor will tell you when the ice maker is running out of the water and when the ice basket is full, it will go into a standby mode when there is ice to full capacity, also shuts off automatically. But it won’t keep the ice frozen for a long time and you need to take the ice out and put it in the freezer or it will basically run continuously to replace the melting ice. The MRP US ICE702 has a stand alone design and a beautiful appearance that will fit into most kitchen decors, weighs 21 pounds as a heavy duty stainless steel product giving you the impression that it would last long and measures 14 x 9.5 x 13 inches, ice storage basket has a 2.5 lbs capacity and the water tank has more than two quarts. You will get a detachable ice tray and water tank as well as an ice scoop in the box. It will save you time and money over time as you will not have to drive down to the shops and it will be especially worth owning it if you live in a generally hot climate state. Like with many products the instructions manual is not the best but it is easy to run the machine with mostly common sense. This is a compressor type ice maker so it is often wise to leave the ice maker to sit on the bench for up to 24 hours prior to plugging it in.

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