Mueller NM-530 Countertop 30lb. Daily Capacity Nugget Ice Maker with Self Cleaning Review

Mueller NM-530 Countertop 30lb. Nugget Ice Maker

Mueller Nugget Ice Maker Machine

Mueller NM-530 Nugget Ice Maker is a countertop style, compact, portable, heavy duty and quiet ice machine with the self cleaning function, a daily ice capacity of 30 pounds, a 3-quart water reservoir and 4.4 pounds of ice basket. It has an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 416 customers at the time of this post release.

The silver nugget ice making machine by Mueller Austria is made of stainless steel, has a sleek and modern design and measures 17.6D x 9.7W x 16.9H inches. It can be moved easily anywhere you want, you just plug it into a power outlet and fill it with water without needing plumbing or hook it up to a water supply for making ice automatically. It makes soft and crunchy, very good quality ice nuggets in just minutes to keep your drinks cool and is suitable for use in restaurants or bars because of its flavour absorbing ability.  

It has the infrared sensors and will stop automatically when it senses that the amount of water is low (water shortage indicator) or the ice basket is full of ice nuggets (ice full indicator). And any unused ice will slowly melt back into the reservoir for making more ice in the next batch. It uses every single drop of water with the good water efficiency. The ice production will restart automatically and you always have fresh ice ready. It has the rapid freeze power for making a total of 30 pounds of sonic nugget ice every day. The ice nuggets will be kept cold longer in the 4.4-pound capacity ice basket with the great insulation.

Mueller Sonic Nugget Ice Maker

You’ll have chilled refreshing drinks all day long for you and your guests or customers with its daily ice capacity of 30 pounds. You can view the ice making through the large window and open it whenever you want to take out the basket or remove the ice cubes directly with the ice scoop easily to use in your beverages. It has a sturdy and durable stainless steel finish and the food grade materials (BPA-free interior) and can easily keep up with being used frequently. With the self cleaning function the interior of the ice maker can be kept hygienic and will run efficiently for many years. 

Mueller offers great quality small appliances with great functionality to make your life easier in the kitchen and if you need any assistance please contact the 24/7 live phone customer service. You can keep this ice maker running for 24 hours and 7 days a week and it will stop the ice production when the basket is full and the ice maker goes quiet. You can empty the unused water easily through the convenient drainage valve. It has a decent insulation but it is not a freezer and the ice will melt eventually when you leave the ice nuggets inside. Please note that it has the 170-watt power and with the 115V of voltage it is suitable for use in the US. August 18, 2021 is the date Mueller Nugget Ice Maker was first available at and is currently ranked the 35th best selling ice machine. 

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