New Leaf 10 Tray 1200W Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Review

New Leaf 10 Tray 1200W Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator 

NEW LEAF 10 Tray 1200W food dehydrator

The all stainless steel commercial and industrial level New Leaf Dehydrator has a large 16 square feet drying space on its 10 large trays for drying a variety of foods including your fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts, flowers and other items quickly and efficiently with its powerful 1200 watt motor (110V and 60Hz) and air flow fan that blows air horizontally onto the trays. It has a digital control panel that shows the time and temperature with settings for both to set the timer for up to 15 hours and to adjust the temperature between 95 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit. It will run for 15 hours without problems and includes a shut off function so will turn itself off automatically for security so you don’t have to wait around for it to complete the dehydrating task (in theory) and you can lock the front door as well for extra security but it is best that you don’t use it when kids are around and not leave it attended and unplug it when it is not being used. The rear section for fan and heating is conveniently detachable from the front part so you can clean it easily. As a high end food dehydrator it is not just stainless steel on the outside but also includes stainless steel trays that are quite solid and heavy duty as this is a very well made commercial grade dehydrator with more power and space (Similar priced models include 600 to 850 watt motors, this one has an impressive 1200 watt one).

NEW LEAF 10 Tray 1200W steel food dehydrator

Shipping weight for the New Leaf Dehydrator is 36 pounds and measures 20.5 x 17.33 x 16 inches overall so it will probably need a permanent spot on your counter or wherever you may want to put it, has 10 of 16 x 14.33 inch trays with an inch distance between each tray for a total of 16 square feet drying space. There is a dehydrating guide on the display panel that shows the optimal temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celcius for different food items, including jerky, meats and fish, fruits, veggies and herbs and gives you instructions on how to prepare ingredients to be dehydrated. Horizontal air flow system is quite efficient and ensures drying of foods on your trays evenly so you do not have to flip over the ingredients. It runs relatively quietly for its high power but will make a light humming noise like most other dehydrators and the noise level may determine where you want to put it. Although it is a commercial grade unit it is designed for indoor home use only and you will see a Cautions section just left to the timer setting on the display panel and tells you to read all the safety instructions before using this dehydrator, that the unit can get very hot during and after the operation, to keep it away from water, unplug the dehydrator when not using etc. It is sent nicely packaged and protected in a box and you will get the 10 tray dehydrator and a User Manual including warranty in the box but we’re not sure how long is the warranty and it meets the security requirements set by the USDA United States and you can make jerky safely.

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